The Out of the Cold program is a volunteer run faith based initiative that meets the basic fundamental needs of homeless, marginalized and socially isolated people throughout the City of Toronto. The program relies heavily on the support and perseverance of the volunteers that offer their time to provide food, shelter, comfort and hospitality to the guests that utilize the program. There are several volunteer opportunities throughout the city at the various OOTC locations.

Who Volunteers at Out of the Cold?

Everyone! Over 2000 volunteers offer their services throughout the city at the various Churches and Synagogues that host the program. Volunteers come from all ages and backgrounds. All skills and strengths are welcomed and needed within the programs.

Where do I volunteer?

That is up to you! The Churches and Synagogues that operate Out of the Cold programs offer one-night per week emergency overnight shelters that typically run from the early evening to the next morning. The sites are all over the city so it is best to pick the location closest to you. Please refer to the site schedule to determine which site is the closest to your location.

What is the commitment?

The length of commitment varies, as all of the programs have a unique way of operating. Many of the volunteer groups run on a shift work module. The shifts are either 4 hours or 8 hours in length. Both afternoon and overnight shifts are available. Each site has a number of different responsibilities for the volunteers including meal preparation, serving, cleaning, general maintenance, security, social programs, donation programs and offering support to the guests.

How do I Join?

Please click on the link of the host site where you wish to volunteer, so you can fill out a volunteer application form. Click on ‘submit’ and your form will be e-mailed to the Volunteer Co-ordinator of the particular site chosen. The volunteer co-ordinator will then get in touch with you to arrange a meet and greet.

Beth Emeth
Beth Sholom
Chinese Gospel
First Interfaith
Holy Blossom
Knox Presbyterian
Lakeshore St. Margarets
St. Brigid’s
St. Matthew’s
St. Andrew's
All Saint's
Evangel Hall
St. Aidans

Please note Dixon Hall does NOT recruit volunteers. You must apply through the site link for the location you are interested in. The sites get a number of applications so please be patient while waiting to hear back. If you would like to email ootc@dixonhall.org and give us your name and contact information we can pass it on to the site you are interested in.


The various Out of the Cold programs are fully operated and rely heavily on donations. Rigorous fundraising campaigns are undertaken by the Host Sites to rally their congregations and surrounding communities for the financial support to operate the program. This support includes money, food, clothing and any other items that can support the homeless.

If you have clothing you would like to donate, or blankets and linens you can drop them off at 2714 Danforth Avenue. You can bring items to us anytime day or night. All clothing donations must be new or gently used and cleaned. They will then be distributed to the guests in need.

If you care to make a donation to a specific Out of the Cold program please click on the link to the specific site that you would like to donate to. An e-mail will be sent to the Volunteer Co-ordinator.

General donations to the Out of the Cold program can be accepted through Dixon Hall. If you have any questions please e-mail our office at ootc@dixonhall.org or feel free to give us a call at 416.699.6682.