Phones for Seniors

Top 5 Phones for Seniors

Sometimes it is a challenge to find the best Smartphone or cell phone for seniors or for the elderly people but there are several phones in the market today that seniors can buy. Most of these phones are cheap to buy although some are expensive.

Therefore if your parents or grandparents need a modern phone do not hesitate but ensure that you look at all the models in the market so that you can buy the best phone for them. If we take the case of grandparents, they need phones that are simple to use because they are old and cannot be able to operate Smartphones and cannot even be able to access the internet. Some of the top 5 phones include:

Jitterbug plus

This is one of the best phones in the market today that is pocket friendly and easy to use by the seniors. It is a senior friendly phone and its plan starts at around $14.99 per month. The Jitterbug phone does not require any termination fees or contracts and therefore there is nothing to worry about. This type of phone is mainly made to be used by only the seniors and that is why it has buttons that are large and also an extra-loud speaker so that those with the problem of hearing can be able to hear.continue reading this

Iphone 5S

This is another good phone that seniors can buy. It is good for those seniors who are lucid, cool and who are still interested with the new technology. With such phones you are only supposed to use your fingertips and therefore there is no need to have passcode or password and this is important to old people because they easily forget their passwords. Another good thing about this iOS is that it is more user-friendly as compared to others and this has been enhanced by the interface that it has.

Samsung Galaxy Note 11

Samsung galaxy note 11 is recommended for those people who have phones with bigger screens. It is very much appealing to the seniors because of the fact that it comes with a certain stylus. Most old people have trembling hands and therefore this stylus is very helpful and accurate when it comes to controlling touch screen phones.redirect here!

Nokia 105

This is another common phone for the seniors and especially for those elderly families that are residing overseas. This is bare bones, stripped down cell phone. Those who are overwhelmed or tired of using the touch screen interfaces are the ones who use them. Also those whose budget are tight and are not able to afford phones with data plans go for the Nokia 105.

Phones for Seniors

LG A380

This type of phone is recommended for the average seniors. It is made with a design that cannot intimidate the elderly and has a good blend of almost all the Smartphone features. It is cheap to buy because it costs less than $19.99 and also comes with a warranty of around 2 years.

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