How Old Timers Can Choose the best Steak Knives

Meat is something that has always been loved by both the young and the old. It is however, important that we choose the right steak knives to use when we are dealing with steaks. We wouldn’t want to see you ruin that juicy looking steak with a bad knife, since it could also ruin your appetite and give you the bad impression of an otherwise very good steal. In this article, we are going to look at how old timers choose the best steak knives, since they have to know what to look for when shopping for them.

How Old Timers Can Choose the best Steak Knives

Features to look for:

Non-serrated blades

When eating steak, you expect a smooth cut, and that can only be done by a straight-edged knife, rather than a serrated blade, which actually saws through the meat. The sharp edge of the straight-edged knife is the one that slices through the meat, and the good thing is that it can easily be sharpened.

Forged blades

When buying a steak knife, you would want to go for a forged knife as compared to a stamped knife. Stamped knives are made out of steel sheets, while forged blades are made of steel that is heated and then forged into shape using a hammer or something of the sort. Forged knives are usually more expensive than the stamped knives, but they are longer lasting and worth it.

Comfortable handles

When buying a steak knife, it is important to go to a store that has several knives so that you can actually hold the knives and figure out the one that feels most comfortable in your hand. Remember, it might feel comfortable in someone else’s hand, but not yours, test it yourself.

Blade Size

Steak knives come with blades of different sizes, mostly 5” and 7” knives. The smaller blade makes higher quality cuts.


Steak knives come made of different materials, usually in three different stainless-steel materials including cold steel, tempered, and hard carbon. The best one of them is cold steel if you’re after a robust knife, but if you’re after a lightweight, you should go for the high carbon stainless-steel.

Knife Tang

Knives either come with long or short tangs, whereby the tangs measure the projection of the blades. Short tangs are usually only secured by one rivet and can easily make the handle fall off, and that makes longer tangs the better option. Knives with longer tangs are easier to hold and are more secure.

Different Knife Types

Basically, there are two types of knives that are used for steaks, straight knives and serrated knives. Straight knives are just like the name suggests, have a straight smooth blade. Serrated knives, on the other hand, have blades that have ridges, and unlike the straight knife that makes a clean cut, the serrated saws or tears through the meat. The serrated is good for roast meats.


Now you can go out and shop for a steak knife with this guide. Choosing the right knife is important if you intend to get a long lasting knife that is easy to use, comfortable to hold, and long lasting.