Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity

As people get older, there is a need for them to use less energy and more brain when working. They say that people should work smarter and not harder since it tends to save time and energy. In this article, we are going to be discussing time management tips to hack productivity.

Complete most important tasks first

Whenever planning your tasks, identify the ones that are the most important or crucial and complete them before moving on to the other ones that aren’t as urgent. This is the golden rule of time management. When you complete the tasks that are urgent, your day is already a success.

Learn to say “no”

Despite the fact that taking on a lot of different tasks is a great way to learn how to juggle various engagements and manage our time, it can also have its toll when you become overworked and behind schedule.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours

One of the best ways for people to become productive is through getting enough sleep, which is basically anything between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day, since this allows the mind and body to work optimally. Never underestimate the value of sleep.

Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement

Devote your entire focus to the task at hand

Put all of your focus on the task at hand by putting your phone away and closing all other browser windows. A quiet place with some soothing music would be an ideal place to get plenty of work done efficiently. At that point, nothing aside from what you’re working on should exist.

Get an early start

People are always tempted to procrastinate since the task seems easy, but the truth is that an early start is the best way to do anything. Just do it.

Don’t allow unimportant details to drag you down

Don’t let the smaller details of projects slow you down, and this especially applies to perfectionists. Get the bulk of the work completed, and then you can revisit the areas that might need ironing out later.

Turn key tasks into habits

Turn your work into a routine and your mind will become into the habit of doing it every time in a natural and enjoyable way.

Be conscientious of amount of TV/Internet/gaming time

One of the biggest drains to getting work done is the internet, gaming, or watching TV and movies. Become aware of how much time is being spent on them and limit them depending on the tasks at hand.

Delineate a time limit in which to complete task

Think in terms of “I’ll be done with this work in the next hour” instead of thinking, “I’m going to be here until this is done.” Such thinking tends to make a person more efficient.

Performance Measure

In order for you to be at your best when performing any task, you’ve got to have a good performance measure. By performance measurement, we are referring to a comparison that provides objective evidence of the degree to which a performance result is occurring over time. They are also referred to as KPIs, metrics, performance indicators, and a host of other names. It offers a comparison to see if performance is good or not, and is an objective evidence which offers reasonably accurate and reasonably reliable picture of what performance currently is. It shows the performance levels over time.


By following the tips that we have mentioned above, you are working smart, and not hard, and at the end of the day, you are going to get more work completed within the required time limits. It is all about proper time management and performance measure.