Steps for Looking Younger

Listen, we all have that one turning point in our lives that tells us we’ve gotten old. We happen by a mirror one day and stare just a little too long and that’s when we see all the laugh lines and crow’s feet. We see the furrowed brow and gray hairs and we think, “Oh my! What happened to me?” And, that’s when we go on a search to find steps for looking younger.

Of course, we could always take the easier way out of our aged skin and visit: At that clinic we could partake in cosmetic surgery, anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, peels, and various other skin consultation suggestions. Maybe we will need some pigmentation and skin tightening, or collagen boosters and IV vitamin infusions. Whatever the need, they have the method for altering our appearance. But, if we’re not ready to take that serious of a step, these other suggestions might prove useful.

Steps for Looking Younger

10 Ways to Look Years Younger Today

Once we reach retirement age, there’s no doubt that the turning point in our perceptions of beauty have already occurred. Not that we aren’t beautiful as we age, but it is simply that we don’t feel the same. So, in an effort to get back that youthful feel, let’s consider these 10 ways to look younger today:

  1. Less is actually more. Yes, we said it. Wear less makeup. The more you wear, the more it appears you’re trying to hide something.
  2. Try a facial scrub. Facial scrubs restore the pink youthfulness to your cheeks. Their gentle beads help revitalize pores and remove dead skin.
  3. Get your teeth whitened. Young people generally have whiter teeth than older ones. You can use some over the counter methods (although we suggest you read this first) or seek out the assistance of a dental professional.
  4. Choose bangs. Contrary to popular belief, bangs are fashionable. And, they can even offer you an instant method of hiding wrinkles. But, don’t cut the bangs yourself, leave it to the professionals.
  5. Invest in a pedicure. Your feet will not hide your age well. However, if you invest in monthly pedicures all year long, you’ll find that they feel a good deal better and look it too.
  6. Capture some highlights. Just like choosing bangs, highlights will enhance your appearance. They have the ability to brighten your complexion.
  7. Use navy eyeliner. You might not realize this, but the whites of your eyes will get yellow as you get older. Using a navy color instead of black will help brighten them up.
  8. Try some grapefruit. No, we don’t mean eating it (though you can read more about that here), rather you should try grapefruit fragrance. There’s something in the scent that makes women seem ten years younger.
  9. Change your part. Since your normal part sees more of the sun, chances are it has greyed a lot faster than the other side. If you switch sides, you’ll be protecting that hair and giving yourself a little more volume.
  10. Consider silicone skin care. All those fine lines that you find so disturbing about your current appearance can be temporarily eradicated by primers and serums that contain silicone.

These steps are just the beginning to your beauty care regimen. If you would like additional ideas this is an excellent resource.