As individuals grow old, his/her skin undergoes a drastic change. The soft glow they once had in their 20s is gone, and in place of it now there are wrinkles, dry skin, skin tags, and age spots. It happens because the production of essential proteins that give strength and elasticity to your skin like collagen and elastin slows down with age. Hence, the consequence is dry and wrinkly skin. Nevertheless, who does not dream of having a flawless skin into their 70s?

The secret of having a healthy skin even in old age depends on your life style and diet. Both these factors go hand in hand if you have a healthy life style and a nutritious diet, it will show on your face. Folks eliminate harmful things from their diet as they grow old, but what about a life style change. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it healthy. For that matter, we have brought you some beneficial skin care tips to give life to your skin especially for ladies:

  1. Get Regular Fruit Facials:

Eating fruits is no doubt good for the health but have you ever thought about applying it to your skin. Fruit facials have been trending for quite a while now. Fruits are a gift of nature that keep us healthy both, inside and outside. A fruit facial gives the necessary boost to your dull skin by making it look fresh.

It makes the skin look fair and lightens the dark spots. Fruit facials are hundred percent organic and chemical free, so you won’t have to worry about the skin getting damaged. The vitamins from the fruits will lighten, cleanse, and tighten your skin. So, the next time you eat a fruit save some of it for your face. Moreover, peel from fruits such as banana and orange works wonders on the skin.

  1. Clean Those Pores:

Pores are the tiny dots present on the face; they collect oil and dirt from the environment. Therefore, cleaning pores should be a part of your regular beauty routine and what’s the better way to clean pores than steam. Get the Ozone Mini Facial Steamer for yourself to get a clean and dirt-free skin. This mini facial steamer is better than all the other similar devices you see in spas because of its portability. You can carry it anywhere with you as it can fit easily into your bag. Despite being small, the Ozone Mini Facial Steamer offers more benefits than other facial steamers in the market. In addition to unclogging pores, the Ozone Mini Facial Steamer straighten the wrinkles from your skin with its UV ozone function.

This mini steamer comes with a moveable nozzle you can adjust to your liking. Other than that, it has an auto shut-off feature which turns off the device after you do not use it for 30 minutes. Ozone Mini Facial Steamer comes with two vapor options, which you can turn on for a supercharged facial cleansing experience. Furthermore, you can add essential oils in it for aromatherapy. After using this spa-grade steamer one or twice a week, you will notice the skin becoming healthier and blemish-free. Don’t waste time and get your hands on the revolutionary Ozone Mini Facial Steamer now.

  1. Avoid The Sun:

The skin becomes frail and thin as folks grow old, which is why it gets easily damaged if seniors stay under the sun for a long time. Hence, always wear a hat and sunscreen lotion whenever you are going out in daylight.

  1. Moisturizing Is The Key:

To overcome and prevent dry skin, seniors should always moisturize their skin. Use fragrance-free moisturizer twice a day to avoid the cracked and dry skin. Besides that drink loads of water and make sure to stay hydrated all the time.