Proof of Past Lives

Reincarnation is a principle evident in our daily lives from the cycles of night and day to the periodic motions of the Sun, Moon, Earth and the rest of the galaxy. Other evidence includes the growth of a plant, dispersal of its seeds and the growth of new plants. Reincarnation means the rebirth of energy and life. It is intuitive as it is the very essence of life. Life all around us can be seen evolving, transforming, and changing. Some life may mature faster while others take time to transform.

Many amongst us have experienced some extraordinary sensations, including strong memories of a past we do not remember, deja vu and even irrational fears. Many folks believe that after death, our souls are transformed into an energy, which is then transferred to another body, and hence, we are reborn. The memories, fears, skills, promises of past lives sometimes tend to stick to us in our new lives. An easy way to access these memories is to successfully, explore your past lives.

Proof of Past Lives

Proof of Past Lives

A Past Life Regression hypnotherapy session allows you to overcome some of the behaviors associated with your past lives. Especially for folks in Miami, Past Life regressions have been found to be successful. They merely take 1.5 hours and are video and audio recorded.

For those who wish to explore the other side, the following signs can indicate your soul has been reincarnated:

Recurring Dreams:

Where recurring dreams can be a result of trauma, fear or issues that are harder for your brain to sort out, they can still potentially reflect your past lives. Dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind. Most folks can claim to have visited specific places that were recognizable or met certain people who were familiar with them. These places, folks or even events can signify some significance to your past lives. If you ever have recurring dreams of such places, events, and people that you have never seen before in your current life, chances are they are linked to one or more of your past lives.

Deja Vu:

Even those who do not believe in reincarnation, at some point in their lives, experienced Deja Vu. Deja Vu is an incredibly bizarre feeling that you are reliving a moment or experience again. Some folks believe that your past life must have had some connection to the feeling or experience and must have felt it in the past. It is usually triggered by a specific smell, taste, sound or even a place. You might have often felt you have been to a place before even though you know you have never been there in your waking life. Some folks believe it reflects the potential for parallel universes.

Out of Place Memories:

Most often children seem to recount some experiences of their past lives inaccurate details. These memories seem out of place, as it has never happened in their lifetime. Adults usually tend to discard these as dreams their kids might have had, however, these memories are intensely detailed and accurate and so could not be dreams. These could be a result of fantasies or misunderstandings. Nevertheless, most of the evidence points towards past lives.

Irrational Fears:

Some memories and experiences from our past lives tend to leave a mark or residue on our minds. Irrational fears and phobias are the strongest evidence to support this theory. Some folks might have a phobia against guns, others against fire, and even against specific color, objects etcetera. This indicates they may have gone through a traumatic experience in their past life related to the phobia. Someone could have drowned or burnt badly in their past life. This shows up as unexplainable phobias in their current lives.