Treadmills for Old Timers

We all need to stay healthy in whatever manner possible regardless of our ages. Consider treadmills for old timers. There are a number of health benefits. So if you have been looking for ways to stay physically fit as you age, getting a treadmill might be an excellent option. If you don’t believe us, just keep reading!

The truth is, 2/3rds of Americans are choosing to exercise at home rather than hit the gym. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them know very little about choosing the right equipment. It’s important to pick the best treadmill for home if you opt to go this route. Treadmills offer you the ability to get a low impact cardio workout. Which, is great for old timers.

Treadmills for Old Timers

Treadmills for Old Timers

Treadmills’ Benefits for Old Timers

As we age, certain aspects of exercise become increasingly difficult. But, if we want to ensure that we live a healthy, happy, long life, exercise is essential. Picking the right method to exercise is perhaps a challenge. But, treadmills’ benefits for old timers are vast. Here’s why a treadmill is an exceptional idea for your health and wellness:

  • A belt system– Many treadmills operate on a belt system which allows runners, and walkers, to run opposite and equal speeds based on the direction of the belt’s movement. And, the pace can always be measured and adjusted as necessary. Here’s the history of treadmills.
  • Versatility- Whether you choose to run or walk, you can at least do it in the comfort of your own home. Since walking is an easy form of exercise that burns all those heinous, and unwelcomed calories, treadmills are the perfect remedy. Besides, you can do it while you watch TV. And, most treadmills have the ability to be moved from one space to another. Others are even foldable so that they don’t take up a lot of space when they have to be stored.
  • Incline- Once you’ve mastered walking or running on a flat surface you can adjust the incline (as well as speed). This will give you a gradually more challenging workout.
  • Heart monitors– Many modern treadmills offer heart monitoring systems. They allow you to place your hands on the bars (both for stabilization and heartrate monitoring) where sensors are located. The sensors can help those with heart conditions guarantee that they don’t go beyond their doctor’s suggested rates.
  • Health assessments– A multitude of doctor’s offices utilize treadmills for the purpose of assessing an individual’s health. Though old timers may need some additional instruction and assistance when initially navigating a treadmill, having one at home will better prepare them for future doctor’s visits. Learn more.
  • Eliminates risks– The low impact nature of a workout on a treadmill eliminates (almost) the risk of injury caused by a more intense exercise regime. Also, since most elderly people choosing to employ the benefits of a treadmill will walk at a slow pace, there’s less chance of a fall. And, even those who suffer from issues with balance can benefit from the stabilization bars located on both sides of the treadmill. Since falls are a significant problem for those getting up in age, a treadmill offers them a safe and effective exercise modality.

If you’re still questioning the value of a treadmill for your health, we suggest you read this article.

Transform Your Basement into a Senior Friendly Home Gym

Staying fit is one of the hardest parts about growing old.  You have terrible pains and aches all over your body which makes working out painful.  Your body is no longer producing growth hormones which makes it tough to build strong muscles and by the time you reach the senior years you are very likely to already have a hip or knee replacement that makes working out hard.  But it is important to keep being active and to continue working out because the moment you stop, your muscles will deteriorate, energy levels will drop, you will gain weight which adds even more strain to joints and you will probably start to suffer from depression due to the lack of stimulation.  The basement is the perfect place to create a senior friendly home gym because here you can work out comfortably and you never have to put away any of your gym gear once you are done.

Transform Your Basement into a Senior Friendly Home Gym

Get a dehumidifier for your basement

The first thing that you probably should get when you consider transforming your basement is a dehumidifier.  Basements don’t have windows and are above floor level which results in a lot of dampness.  This dampness is terrible for your paint and your health since damp air causes plenty of skin conditions, mold and can harbor bacteria.  You can shop the best dehumidifier for your basement online and start using it a few weeks prior to renovations so your walls can dry out completely before repainting and renovating.  The dehumidifier will also be handy in keeping your basement damp free in the future, it will keep you much healthier and help combat bad sweaty odors of your home gym.

Workout gear for a senior friendly home gym

Yoga mat – A yoga mat is one of the most basic and useful workout tools to get for a gym and they are suitable for any age.

Weights – Get a couple of different weighing weights including lighter ones, a dumbbell, wrist and ankle weights and a weight lifting bar to strengthen muscles.

Resistance bands – Resistance bands are basically huge rubber bands but these basic tools are great for seniors because they enable you to target certain parts of your body that requires attention and to heal after surgery or muscle injuries.

Workout bike – Cardio workouts are a must for seniors because these exercises help strengthen the heart and helps to keep your weight intact.

TV set & workout DVD’s – With a small TV set and good workout DVD’s you can get a full body workout with minimal gear.  The best workout DVD’s for seniors are Pilates DVD’s, Yoga DVD’s and cardio and stretch DVD’s.

Wall mount railingsWall mount railings alongside the sides of your home gym is always a good idea.  Seniors can get up much easier after some workouts and steady themselves while doing certain workouts that require balancing.  Wall railings can prevent terrible falls which can be fatal in seniors.