How Seniors Can Choose A Golf Cart

Most seniors engage in golfing and in that case many would need a golf cart. Walking around the course may be tiring for them since they don’t have as much energy as younger people. Most golf courses are also big and walking around the course may make it hard for seniors to complete all the holes. Most golf clubs will normally have a golf cart for hire though that may be an expensive option having to hire a golf cart every day. In the long run it is cheaper to get a personal golf cart considering they are also relatively cheaper than they were long ago. Since there are many golf carts in the market, it may be confusing which golf cart to choose. One therefore needs to know the factors to consider when choosing a golf cart and they include:

How Seniors Can Choose A Golf Cart

Type of cart

Carts are normally classified according to how they operate. They can either be electric powered or gas powered. The mode of operation will determine its speed, price, how long it can be used and cost of maintenance. Both types are good and it depends on what one is looking for. Gas powered carts are normally more powerful since they have more speed and can be used for a long period of time. Their downside is that they are relatively more expensive. On the other hand, electric powered carts are way cheaper, are more economical to maintain, they have less speed and power and they can also not be used for a long period of time. Their downside is that they have to be charged for a sufficient period of time for them to be used for a long time without powering off.

Size of cart

Different carts come in different sizes depending on what you prefer. You can get whatever size you are looking for. Most carts will also have space to carrying the golfing equipment. In checking the size you should not that there are some seats that have a few seats but they are wide hence they have more space.

Price of the cart

Golf carts come in different prices depending on the size, type and set of features it has. Golf carts can either be cheap or expensive depending on what you are looking for. The bigger the size of the cart the more expensive it will be. The type of cart determines their sizes since gas powered carts are more expensive than electric powered ones. Additional features of the cart influence their price, the more the fancy features, the more expensive the golf cart will be. The condition of the cart will also determine the price. New golf carts will be more expensive than used golf carts. Most used carts will come in a fraction of the new since they have been used and may have a few wear and tears.  The kind of cart will determine your set budget and the kind of features you are looking for.