The Sports Seniors Should Play To Keep Themselves Young

Nobody likes to reach the age in which he or she will have less energy and more dependency on others. It is not about the numbers of years you have lived, it depends on the activities you have been doing so far. You would come across many folks who are above 50 or 60 but you can’t tell because that has maintained them in that way. Then, there are some, who are not even 49 but look above 50. They are the ones who fail to keep themselves fit.

The Sports Seniors Should Play To Keep Themselves Young

The Sports Seniors Should Play To Keep Themselves Young

Play the following sports in your golden age and feel younger than ever:


This is the game that kind of holds the title of being an older person’s game. You would have seen it yourself that the people who are playing are mostly seniors. In addition, it is one of the most expensive sports. People spend bundles of dollars to buy the expensive club memberships and the equipment. This game doesn’t require much physical energy as it is played with low pace. However, it has great health benefits. Moreover, you get enough time to socialize with other players.

Walking Soccer:

Walking soccer has become quite popular in many countries. This is an alternate to soccer that is created for the people aged 50 and above. In a normal soccer game, players have to run past their opponents. While in walking soccer, running is not allowed, in fact, it is a fowl if you run. You play this game by just walking. It is a low-paces game as well as a workout that helps you to maintain the fitness.


Swimming is not restricted to age. People of any age can go and enjoy swimming. Water sports are always fun and not to mention the incredible health benefits of it. Furthermore, it is the best way to beat the heat in summers.

Tennis and badminton:

Tennis is also popular among seniors. Along with the health benefit, people with walkers and wheelchairs an also enjoy this game. A wheelchair cannot keep you to enjoy a sport. Get a set of plastic racquets, birds, and balls. Enjoy playing when you have friends over.


Get those thoughts out of your mind that it is not a game for you. Sure it is. Not only can the young people dunk the ball in the basket, so can you. In fact, play with the boys or even learn from them. Go, buy a basketball, and join them.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind regarding the basketball purchase. Indoor basketballs and outdoor basketballs are a bit different from each other. You would also find the ones that can be used in both environments. However, if you can buy both separately, that means these balls have been manufactured differently.

Indoor basketball is designed for more controlled situations. On the other hand, outdoor basketballs have the capability to hold up the rough services. In order to pick the best basketball, you need to do a little research. There are many top brands such as NBA and Molten. They have then the range of types. Every basketball on that list, are best for outdoor and embraces its own pros and cons.

A comparison between them is always good to get the best-suited for you. You would find a review on five top-rated basketballs on bball world. Choosing is the hard part but if you get your hands on the rights basketball, you are going to enjoy the game at its best.