Things to Consider While Mapping Out A Room for Elderly People

Folks with old age need extra care and attention as they start getting weaker physically as well as mentally with every passing day. For that reason, they should be surrounded by the senior-friendly environment. When you have parents moved in with you, you need to create such environment for them. As lots of their time is spent in their room, design it ergonomically to make it a safe haven. Right furnishing and accessories can make life easier for them and you. Make sure you do not make it look like a hospital room.

Things to Consider While Mapping Out A Room for Elderly People

Things to Consider While Mapping Out A Room for Elderly People

You should consider the following guidelines while designing a bedroom:


Safety is above all, and the location should be in that way. The doors should be 30-32 inches wide to make an easy way for a wheelchair or walker. This would also be helpful for emergency exits. Get the doorknobs of lever-style that makes easy access to weak hands. Make sure the bathroom has safety grip bars near the toilet for your parents’ safety.

Weak eyes are also a problem that comes with age. So, add bright enough lights in hallway and bathroom to help them see at night. It would be appropriate if their room in not up to a flight of stairs. Get it either on the ground floor or install a chairlift so that they can prevent falling off.

Practical Furnishings:

Picking the furnishing is also vital. A knee-level luxurious mattress would be great because it’s comfortable and accessible. Do not hamper your aging parents’ room with the stuff they do not even need. A lot of things would obstruct their walking path. So keep them minimal. Only add the essentials such as a bedside table, a comfortable reading chair, a bookrack and, a table lamp. You can keep a bench at the foot of the bed. This is not necessary, but it can help them when dressing. And, the placement of things should be balanced.

Communication and lighting:

Make a telephone available with the list of important numbers in extra-large fonts. This would help them connect with the world especially if they are physically challenged and cannot make it on their own. Moreover, a baby monitor installed in the room would help you stay alert about your old parents’ activities. Attach an automatic timer to the bedside lights that turn them on at night automatically.


Dull walls are not going to do any good to your parents. You can make them look colorful and full of life with wall art. There are various forms of wall art, and these can add to the beauty of the room. That would be great if you let them choose one for their room.

The artwork is not just for the room walls; some individuals have their bathroom walls full of artwork. It makes the whole interior of the house suave and elegant. That welcoming and cheerful look is refreshing not only for the people who live in there but also for the folks who come to visit.

You have to consider numerous factors once you decide to make the purchase. You might not have knowledge of arts or an art critic to tell you what paint you should go for. It is better to get a bit of insight from various social media websites such as Pinterest or Etsy.  If you have chosen any paintings, look for the size if they are appropriate. Measure the dimension to get the right piece.