Great Tips to Help You Sleep Better As You Grow Older

As you grow older you will notice that sleep is becoming more and more of a challenge.  Most seniors have difficulties with falling asleep and staying asleep.  Plenty of things have you getting up at night and even on those nights when you do get some sleep you still end up feeling tired and glum the next morning.

Sleep issues are very common for seniors but that doesn’t mean that they are pleasant or healthy at all.  In fact, without enough sleep, your health will soon start to deteriorate and you will always feel tired, grouchy and angry.

Great Tips to Help You Sleep Better As You Grow Older

Great Tips to Help You Sleep Better As You Grow Older

Here are a few great tips to help you get more sleep as you grow older.

Get an anti-snoring device for your partner

Snoring is a huge issue in plenty of relationships.  Plenty of partners struggle to fall asleep when their partner starts to snore.  It is also a little fact that snoring increases as you grow older.  Even snorers can end up feeling sleep deprived when the loud noises they are making is affecting their dreams and keeping them from getting quality sleep.  To overcome this issue you can invest in an anti-snoring device. There are quite a few different anti-snoring devices available on the market and all of them are brilliant for solving this common problem. Check out these nora anti snoring reviews to learn more about these fantastic devices.

Take a hot bath before bedtime

It is a lot harder to get your body all warm and cozy for sleeping.  With cold feet and arms, you can end up rolling around for hours before you finally do feel warm enough to fall asleep.  Take a warm bath right before diving into bed to overcome this issue.

Mind your drinks

Don’t drink alcoholic, energy or caffeine drinks when it is nearly time for bed.  These drinks boost your adrenaline levels and will leave you tossing and turning for hours to come.

Get a memory foam mattress

If joint and pressure point pains are driving you insane during the night then perhaps it is time to switch over to a memory foam mattress.  These mattresses are known to promote a healthy spine and blood circulation which also decreases the number of pains and aches you feel during the day.

Reduce fluid intake during the evening

Drink plenty of water during the day but stop drinking too many fluids when the sun starts to set.  This will keep you from running to the bathroom regularly so you can get more sleep.

Drink something to help you sleep

Plenty of drinks like milk and honey or herbal teas relax your body so you can fall asleep a lot quicker.  Stock up on a tea or drink that helps you sleeps better and enjoy it a short while before you hit the sack.

Stick to your routine

A strict bedtime routine will help you feel tired when it is time for bed.  Create a routine and try to stick to a specific bedtime each and every day.

How to Make a Cozy Reading Corner in Your Bedroom?

As we grow old, the routine of our daily life puts a pause on all our hobbies. Day by day, time slips by us, but it all comes to a halt when we hit the 50s. After retirement, it seems like we have all the time in the world but nothing to do. On the contrary, it is the time when we can pursue our hobbies and passions that had been on hold. One hobby almost all of us have is reading books.

The legendary sci-fi author Stephen King once said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” We couldn’t agree more because books are a person’s best friend, always there to cheer you up when you feel down. They are a great source of escape. When reading a good story, you get transported to another place.

How to Make a Cozy Reading Corner in Your Bedroom?

To enjoy a book, one must have a good reading space as well. Below is a guide on how to make a reading corner in your bedroom:

  • Step 1: Get a comfy armchair and an ottoman.

You should always sit in a comfortable place while reading. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy the book no matter how amazing it is. Get a plush chair for your reading corner. Preferably one with arm rests so you can relax your muscles and be at ease while reading. Armchairs are better than wooden chairs because of their strong pelvic base and the support they give your back. Ottomans are a must have with your armchairs, as your need to prop your feet up on something. Some ottomans also come with small storage space which can serve as book storing area.

To make the reading experience cozier place a throw blanket on your armchair. You can also put a small pillow on your chair, that will be the perfect touch to your sitting space.

  • Step 2: Buy a wooden side table.

Get a side table and place it beside your armchair. A side table is a compulsory accessory as it is useful for holding your beverages, books, and reading glasses. To give it a pleasant touch, put a small vase with some lovely flowers on it. Don’t get a big side table because it will hog all the space in your bedroom and won’t give a minimal look that a reading corner should have. The material of the side table should be wood and not plastic, because of two reasons: wood is heavy therefore it won’t topple over easily, and it is more durable than plastic.

  • Step 3: Perfect lighting is the key.

Proper lighting is an essential feature of any reading nook because one just can’t read in the dark. Plus, improper lighting not only affects one’s reading ability, but it also hurts your sight. Therefore, your reading corner should be in a bright place. It must be near a window so that you will have a scenery to look at when you want to rest your eyes.

Floor lamps, preferably LED, are the ideal lighting source for a reading corner. Moreover, LED lights are more durable than incandescent bulbs. You can easily get the Brightech- SKY LED Torchiere gold floor lamp online as they are portable and don’t occupy much space.

  • Step 4: Get/build a bookshelf.

We can’t just forget books while making a reading corner. It is better to have a book storage to avoid the clutter. Get an etagere or a small shelf and position it near your reading corner for maximum handiness. A wall mounted bookshelf (or floating bookshelf) is best suitable for this job as it is cost effective and makes cleaning easier.

You can decorate your reading space just the way you like because it is your haven.