Modern Equipment That Every Senior Should Own

It has been seen that most of the senior citizens tend to stick to their old methods of living and don’t really like investing in modern equipment and technology. The downside to using old methods is lack of safety.

Since, in old ages, most equipment did not use the modern levels of safety and was not even certified for non-toxic material, that equipment can turn out to be quite hazardous. For instance, an old style air conditioner not only consumes a large amount of energy but also develops a few circuit problems which can result in short-circuiting or fires. Seniors living alone are especially at the danger of such things. Here is a list of equipment seniors should own:

Anti-slip tiles:

Most houses and all the bathrooms are tiled nowadays, the glazed tiles that used to come in the market around a decade ago are extremely slippery and can cause a great deal of damage to the senior.

Instead of sticking to those tiles, it is advised that they are replaced with the new technology anti-slip tiles that help you keep a good grip on the floor and prevent you from slipping even if there is water on the floor. There have been numerous cases where seniors have been injured profusely by slipping on tiles and hitting their head.

Modern Equipment That Every Senior Should Own

Modern Equipment That Every Senior Should Own


Shower faucets have come into the market about 10 to 12 years back. Before that the traditional style of taking a bath with a tub was common. Bathing in a tub not only requires a lot of water but also is unhygienic due to the repeated usage of the tub. A new and modern way to take a bath is using a faucet, this reduces the time required for the bath as well.

Most of us, especially people in warm areas start their day by taking a bath, what a shame it is when you don’t have a proper system of bathing. Investing in a good quality faucet is a good idea. It makes you showering experience fun, efficient and eco-friendly. These faucets come in a number of colors, sizes, and shapes. You can choose the one that goes with the theme of your bathroom.

You can find the shower faucet reviews here. They have reviewed a large number of faucets and its accessories for your ease and comfort. From their construction to their prices and their flow, each and everything is explained in detail. You will find shower faucet in all price ranges and sized here.


This one is especially for our senior citizens who love to cook. Homemade bread has a different charm to them but preparing and cooking them takes a lot of effort and time, especially the kneading process. For this purpose, bread maker was introduced into the market, all you need to do is add the ingredients into the machine, set the timer and you will have a freshly baked right out of the oven bread in breakfast. What can be more convenient and easy?


Most retirees don’t like investing in a smartphone but it is highly advised that they keep a smartphone with them all the time. If not for fun purposes, it acts like a security device that can keep them safe and help their family and friends know their whereabouts at all times.

Home alarm system:

This one is almost a necessity nowadays especially for seniors living alone. These alarm systems keep the house secured from all sides. With cameras, alarms and motions lights all around the house, one is able to sleep peacefully and confidently without worrying about intruders or burglars. These alarm systems are not very expensive and can be very handy as well. Moreover, there are alarm systems that help you notify your family and friends within minutes of any kind of emergency.