A List of Great Baking Companies in North Carolina That Seniors Should Try

One of the best benefits of retiring is that you finally have time to do all of those fun things that you never had time to do.  You can finally visit all sorts of destinations, enjoy casual holidays at any time convenient to you and you have the time to sample new things and to seek out the best of the best.

By now you probably know all too well that finding a good baking company is quite a challenge.  There are not too many good bakers out there anymore because everything is modernized.  Modernized baking equipment results in baked goods that are not quite as wholesome, tasty and good as it used to be.  Very few good baking companies are left and seeking out the best of the best in the baking industry can be a very fun hobby for seniors looking for something tasty and fun to do.  Here is a quick list of all of the best baking companies you simply must visit in North Carolina;

A List of Great Baking Companies in North Carolina That Seniors Should Try

A List of Great Baking Companies in North Carolina That Seniors Should Try

Sunflour Baking Company

The Sunflour Baking Company is a family owned bakery in locations like Elizabeth, Dilworth, Harrisburg, and Ballantyne in Charlotte.  North Carolina seniors should definitely visit this bakery whenever they are in this neighborhood because the quality of the baked goods from the Sunflour Baking Company is top notch.  The menu consists of a wide range of sandwiches, pastries, soups, desserts, beverages and lots of sweet treats like cupcakes.  This baker’s café is definitely worth visiting when you are looking for a good spot to sit and catch up with old friends. For more information on this superb bakery, you can check out their website.

Karen Donatelli Bakery & Café

This bakery is based in Asheville and is a great stop for those who love freshly baked goods.  This is also a great place to shop for specialty cakes for those extra special occasions like a grandchild’s or friend’s birthday.

La Farm Bakery

This bakery serves French-style baked goods and is an all-day bakery where you can get the freshest bread.  The bakery has a pretty tasty menu and they also have brunch on Sundays.


This bakery sounds particularly tasty and is located in Chapel Hill.  You can order all sorts of cakes, gelato, sweets and baked goods from this bakery and they also serve drinks from their full bar.

Sweet Cheeks Bakery

Sweet Cheeks Bakery is located in Apex and specializes in wedding foods as well as large functions.

The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery

This bakery has plenty of delicious cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and beverages to choose from and is a great spot to stop if you are passing through or live in Raleigh.

Cornerstone Bakery

Cornerstone bakery is pretty popular with Hickory residents.  You can shop all type of baked goods and even sit down for tasty sandwiches, pasta or pastries while you enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

This bakery chain is located in Huntersville and you can shop any type of baked goods from small bites to large cakes here.