Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is something that can be prevented although not everyone can be prevented from abusing drugs or alcohol. If one can identify some of the reasons that influence people to take substance abuse, it could make it easier to prevent it. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best ways to prevent substance abuse.

Effectively deal with peer pressure

Peer pressure is one of the biggest influencers when it comes to the use of drugs, and especially among teens. It is important for people to look for the right kind of peer pressure with positive results and also learn to say no to tempting situations.

Deal with life pressure

Pressure is something that tends to push people to substance abuse. They become overworked and overwhelmed, turning to drugs and alcohol as a way out. In the ending, those drugs and alcohol become the chief source of stress instead. People can deal with such pressures by taking part in activities such as reading, volunteering, sports, and other hobbies.

Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

Seek help for mental illness

Mental illness and substance abuse are usually linked together and people with mental illnesses often turn to drugs. Mental illnesses can be caused by things like anxiety, depression and PTSD and it is important for them to seek professional treatment for the conditions before they drive them to substance abuse.

Examine the risk factors

People need to become aware of the biological, environmental and physical risk factors that they have so that they can take control and overcome them. These could include social settings or histories of substance abuse in their families.

Keep a well-balanced life

When things tend to be going wrong in their lives, there are those that turn to substance abuse. They need to put their priorities into focus and look at the bigger picture.

Addiction Treatment Specialists

There are many organizations or health facilities that people dealing with addictions can turn to, and one of them is https://www.acquiesce.org.uk/. They deal with alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Located in Bolton, Lancashire, the Acquiesce urban recovery model is aimed at helping people overcome their addictions through sustainable ways. They have individually tailored programs that range from single therapy to full residential rehab programs. The program addresses the psychological, physical, spiritual and social effects of addiction. They have a highly trained and experienced team that uses therapies and activities like biopsychosocial interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy approaches, yoga, acupuncture, motivational interviewing, cognitive interviewing, and 12 step approaches, among others. They offer high quality services at low costs to get real world solutions.

Some of the facilities that can be found there include:

  • Luxury single occupancy rooms
  • Double beds
  • En-suite
  • Gym facilities
  • Full family support


It is important to try and prevent addictions before they get to you, since it could become a challenge letting go of them. All hope isn’t lost for those that are addicted, because organizations like Acquiesce are there to help them get back on their feet with personalized programs.