Top Businesses You Can Start With a Cargo Van and Your Blackberry

Did you know that all you need to start your own business is your blackberry and a cargo van?  Yes, all you need to quit your job right now and become your own boss is a cargo van to go with your blackberry phone.  You can use your cargo van to haul around your mobile business equipment and use your blackberry phone for all of your invoicing, promotion and contacting needs.  And that is not the best part. With a great van like the Mercedes cargo van you aren’t even limited to just a few companies that you can start.  There are lots of different businesses that you can start and run successfully with just these two items to your disposal.  Here is a list of the top 8 companies that you can start so you can enjoy a more independent and free lifestyle.

Top Businesses You Can Start With a Cargo Van and Your Blackberry

Courier service

The Mercedes cargo van is perfect for delivery services like courier services.  Thanks to online shopping, more people are in need of courier services now than ever before. Courier services are easy to run and they are easy to expand which makes it the perfect business to start up if you are tired of working in the same place.

Mobile doggy salon

Love dogs?  Then start a mobile pet salon by adding a doggy wash bay and grooming station to your Mercedes cargo van.  You can provide pet salon services at each pet’s home and save a lot of pet owners from the hassle of driving around with pets that are terrified, aggressive or too big for easy transportation.

Photography business

Photography is probably one of the most fun businesses you can start in one of these cargo vans.  The vans are big enough to contain all of your photography gear, photo props, mobile photo booth stands and backdrops so you can easily set up at any party, wedding or celebration and take gorgeous photos as you go.

Mobile nail salon

Lots of women don’t have the time to travel to a salon to get their nails done and many mothers simply don’t want to leave their young children with babysitters so they can have pretty nails.  Cargo vans are big enough to fit a mobile nail salon in because all you need is cozy seating arrangements, good lighting and all of your nail essentials and you can make money anywhere.

Mobile hair dresser

Haul around all of your hair dressing essentials and do hair for weddings and proms at each girl or woman’s house so they can look their best and save a lot of time on their special day.


You can start an emergency locksmithing service and haul around all of your locksmithing tools and spare locks with you so you can help people in their emergencies so they can be safe.

Cleaning company

Mercedes cargo vans have just enough space to fit in all of the cleaning gear, vacuums and pressure washers you need to get houses squeaky clean instantly.

Party planner

Party planners can transport party gear like chairs, tables, linen and party decorations to any location in one of these vans.

Traveling Smart for Seniors

As more people forego the rockers for grand adventures, trying to cross things off their bucket lists, it seems prudent to discuss the safest and smartest ways to do so. Traveling seniors are in an interesting bracket because they have learned enough about the world around them to be well acquainted with Murphy’s Law and yet they also have additional concerns that must be addressed in order for their travels to provide all they are hoping for.

If they get the travel bug as intensely as Stephen Collins has over the years, then they will certainly be making their way into some incredible experiences. Perhaps they can follow in his footsteps and visit Italy, Mexico, Morocco, London, and France. Of course, they may have their own agenda. No matter where they set out to go, traveling safe and smart is an imperative.

Traveling Smart for Seniors

Tips for Safe and Smart Travel

Knowing when to go is the first step in safe and smart travel. Of course, as retirees they are free to pick up and go whenever the sightseeing itch arouses them. However, there are certainly some places that are best visited at specific times of year in order to make the most of the experience and expenditure. So knowing when to travel where is key to an enjoyable trip.

There are additional tips necessary to protect seniors and enable them to fully appreciate the adventures that they endeavor to take. Here are some of those tips:

  • Travel Insurance– Yes, as a senior it is going to cost more for travel insurance than a younger individual would have to shell out. However, seniors are generally the people most in need of that same insurance. This is particularly important for those on Medicare because that form of health insurance is only valid in the US. Make sure to investigate the evacuation insurance included on any travel insurance plan. Read more.
  • Pack Light– Seniors need to ensure that their luggage is manageable. They should be prepared to do laundry wherever they intend to travel. That will enable them to pack less clothes and thereby travel lighter. The last thing they want to do is wear themselves out hauling luggage.
  • Medications– Taking all medical supplies in vast quantities is highly advisable. However, seniors will need to investigate the rules and regulations of their destinations. Some countries have bans on specific medications and their derivatives. Ensuring that all medications are in their original containers is a necessity as well. And, if there is a need for vitamins or supplements make sure those are included in the packing. Learn more.
  • Flying Advice– If the flight is not a non-stop one, then it is best to check bags. Seniors don’t want to have to lug their carry-on’s from one flight to the next. The walking and lugging could become quite tiresome. And no one wants to be exhausted before arriving at the destination.
  • Check the Accommodations– Before seniors determine where to stay on their trips they should make sure that the hotels, or other lodging options, provide adequate accommodations for people their age. Ensuring that stairs are not the only way to a room is a good idea. And, making sure that taxi’s or trains are readily accessible from the lodging is advisable as well.

For more tips on smart traveling destinations for seniors click this.

7 Types of Equipment to Make Life Easier After Retirement

As people grow older, they tend to spend a greater part of their time inside the vicinity of their homes. Efforts need to be made to make life easier for the older members of the family at home. Here a few things that can be done as well as different types of equipment that can be installed to help keep you independent to whatever extent it is possible.

7 Types of Equipment to Make Life Easier After Retirement

  1. Removable bath boards

Removable bath boards give a seated platform over the bath, you sit on the board and swing to sit over the bath. In the event that you encounter trouble stepping in/out of the bath it might be more secure to enter in by using the board than by attempting to enter over the edge.

Be that as it may, despite everything you have to raise your legs over the bath edge, or have help to do this from a caretaker.

  1. Food preparation charts

The outline of these sheets changes, they may have an overall system to either balance out nourishment when you’re slicing it or to secure containers and tins when you’re opening them. They may likewise have spikes to secure natural product or vegetables when you’re cutting or peeling them, most have a non-slip base.

  1. Memory foam mattress

Since bones and the overall body tends to weaken with age, a good night’s sleep is essential. A memory foam, that is sensitive to temperature and body shape, molds itself according to the sleeper’s body shape to ensure proper positioning and a peaceful sleep. In order to make the most of its benefits, get the best memory foam mattress.

  1. Newel rails

You may as of now have a banister rail, and even a coordinating divider mounted rail on the opposite side of your stairs however is there anything to clutch at the turn in the stairs? Newel rails are intended to be introduced on the newel post and turn through 90 degrees around the post giving you a persistent hand rail as you turn the corner.

  1. Cabinet

On the off chance that you are attempting to get to the can in another piece of your home you could consider a cabinet. There are an extensive variety of chests accessible including metal encircled, plastic casing, wooden edge, stick cabinets and rocker style cabinets so you ought to discover one to suit your home. Foldable chests are additionally accessible that can be put away when not being used.

  1. Remote control attachments and lighting

Plug attachments are regularly mounted low on the wall close to the floor. On the off chance that you are consistently turning a low attachment on/off then you may think that its less demanding, and more secure to include a remote control attachment that you can turn on/off from your chair. Remote control connectors are additionally accessible for light attachments, with the collector introduced between the knob and the fitting.

  1. Home alerts and pager

On the off chance that you don’t live all alone, and may require a way to tell your caretaker/relative that you require help when they’re in another part off your home you could consider a home pager.

Use a Vape Pen for Cannabis Treatments

Sometimes the best results and treatments come from the strangest sources.  Cannabis is one of these strange sources.  Using marijuana or cannabis have always been frowned upon and is even illegal in a lot of countries because this herb affects your character and can actually cause a lot of confusion and it affects your judgment.  But lately marijuana has been getting a lot of positive talk since this strange herb is actually saving and changing lives when used correctly.  More and more people are drawing benefits from this plant and especially seniors need to start looking at some of the benefits of cannabis treatment.

Why cannabis is a terrific treatment for seniors

Cannabis can actually help fight off or deal with a lot of medical conditions.  Smoking cannabis can help seniors a lot because it helps fight off Alzheimer’s disease, it eases pain, helps to control muscle spasms, relieves arthritis pain, improves your metabolism, soothes tremors caused by Parkinson’s diseases and a lot of other problems that are common in seniors.

Use a Vape Pen for Cannabis Treatments

Why you should use a Vape pen for cannabis treatment

Where cannabis treatments usually involved rolling and smoking a joint, the Vape pens are electronic.  They function by heating the cannabis herbs or oil extracts inside the pen which results in vapors that you can breathe in.  Vape pens are a much healthier and better alternative than smoking marijuana leaves because these pens reduces the amount of toxins, tar and other unhealthy sustenance’s in the air.  When you use a Vape pen you get all the health benefits of cannabis treatments without poisoning your body.

Top benefits of Vape pens

Vape pens are the reason why you can draw some health benefits from marijuana.  They eliminate the threats of this mischievous plant by removing the unhealthy side of the herb.  When you use the Vape pens you get healthy instead of high.  Some of the top benefits of using Vape pens include;

  • Vape pens are completely mobile and can be charged anywhere which enables you to enjoy your medication wherever and whenever you need to.
  • They look stylish, are accepted into society and do not give the impression that you are an addict.
  • The pens are better for the environment and for everyone around you since there are much less harmful elements in the vapors than in smoke.
  • They are small and sleek which enables you to take them anywhere.
  • The pens are fire proof which is a lot safer for forgetful seniors.

Where to find the best Vape pens

On you will find information on all of the latest Vape pens currently on the market.  These pans are high quality vaporizers that are sure to last you a long time and make it much easier for seniors to take their cannabis treatments where and when they need to without getting them into trouble for smoking and without leaving them embarrassed when they are smoking in public.  They can safely practice their cannabis treatments and get the relieve they need for their conditions where and when they need to.

Timeless Sources of Inspiration Regardless of Your Age

Whether you are recently retired or have many years of experience outside of the traditional workaday world, inspiration is still an important part of your life.  Inspiration can help keep you moving on tough days and can make a good day feel amazing.

If you are looking to add more inspiration into your life, you don’t have to look far.  Certain key areas are excellent sources regardless of your age, making them ideal for the young and the young at heart.  The next time you want to find something uplifting, consider these sources along with suggestions on how to bring them closer to your daily life.

Timeless Sources of Inspiration Regardless of Your Age

Nature and the Great Outdoors

When most people think of the inspiration of nature, they assume they need to trek far from home and escape into the wilderness.  While that can certainly work, it isn’t necessary.  You can find the energy you need from your local park, your home garden, or a simple houseplant.  For when you need inspiration on the go, set the background on your phone to a favorite nature photograph or keep a copy in your wallet.

By keeping nature part of your everyday, and bringing some of the outdoors in, you can capture portions of that feeling any time you need it.  You can also still trek into the woods whenever you have a moment, but you’ll never feel limited by that ability to get out and about again.

Sayings, Quotes, and Mantras

The world is full on interesting and motivating sayings, quotes, and mantras.  Maybe you find inspiration in the work of a favorite author like the Dalai Lama or Karen Salmansohn, from your favorite musical artists like Alicia Keys, or from world figures like Pope Francis.  Regardless of the source, finding ways to work to integrate these powerful sayings into your life can help bring more inspiration into your every day.

Consider framing a favorite quote and hanging it on your wall, or have a custom calendar printed featuring passages that move you.  If you feel like making a dramatic statement, dedicate a wall mural to your favorite quote.

Color and Art

It is common knowledge that color can affect mood.  By introducing color into your environment, you can create a more inspiring space.  Consider painting the walls of you home your favorite color, or adjust the colors to match the feel you want the space to have.  For example, soft blues, greens, and neutrals may have a calming effect, while bright reds, oranges, and yellows may be energizing.  Deep colors can make a space feel cozy or opulent, while lighter colors can be uplifting in darker spaces.

In cases where you can’t change the color of the walls, consider bringing in inspiration through your choice of art.  Any piece that moves you can be an excellent focal point within a room.  You can use it to develop the overall color palette for the space, letting it lead you through choices in items such as furniture, curtains, and throw pillows, or make it stand out by keeping the surrounding elements neutral.

With so many options for finding inspiration, you are sure to find a way to bring the feeling you are looking for into your daily life today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Starting a Photography Hobby for Seniors

You have recently entered the amazing world of retirement. At first you thought it would be great, no longer having to work, or do what you were told, but you’re starting to get bored. Some of your friends suggested that you take up a hobby. But, you’re living on a fixed income now and you have to monitor your expenditures. Then someone suggested you look into photography. And you were instantly hooked!

You started taking pictures everywhere you went, but not knowing what to do with them has added some concern to your endeavor. That’s why we suggest you look into this SmugMug coupon and review. You’ll learn all about starting a website with your photos. And, if you’re really adventurous, continue reading to learn some more about the value of starting your photography hobby in your golden years.

Starting a Photography Hobby for Seniors

The Benefits of a Photography Hobby

Sure, taking pictures allows you to capture memories and document the things you really appreciate in life. But, now that you’ve reached your golden years, you’ll have more time to travel. And, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities to photograph things your children and grandchildren haven’t yet had the privilege of experiencing. Of course, there are additional benefits to your new found hobby as well:

  • Inexpensive- This is a huge benefit to choosing photography over other hobbies. A small camera is relatively cheap and can definitely do all you need to do as you start on this photographic journey. Learn all about simple and moderately priced cameras
  • Niche Options- If you discover that there’s an area in life that you’re particularly interested in you can extend that enjoyment via photographing it. So, if you’re a car fanatic, travel to the car shows you’d normally attend, but this time bring your camera. Or if nature is more your focus, go to parks and hiking areas to document that love.
  • Year Round- A lot of hobbies are seasonal. You can’t really golf in the snow. But you can take pictures of golf courses covered in snow. Photography opens the door to year-long activity. You can digitally document the changing of the seasons for the enjoyment of your relatives in Florida. Check out some of these seasonal images.
  • Manipulate- Even if your pictures aren’t great, you will have the added joy of playing with photo software. This will enable you to lighten things up, sharpen them, or alter them completely. These programs can manipulate your images into works of art.
  • Make Money- If you end up being good at the craft, and you utilize your SmugMug account properly, your photographs could be a means of income for you. There are people who will pay you to photograph their products for online sales, if you’re interested in doing still life work. Or, if you perfect the usage of your imagery software, those pieces of photographic art could make you a pretty penny. Learn more about making money as a photographer.

Digital photography, as a hobby, is a great idea because it offers that sense of instant gratification we are all hungering for. As soon as you take the picture you will be able to view it and decide if you need to take another, switch angles, or adjust lighting. If you’ve been looking for a great retirement hobby, photography is the one for you!

Applying for Worker’s Compensation

Do you know what worker’s compensation insurance is? This is the insurance that you are going to get when you get injured on the job. Sometimes, even those who are already in their senior years are unable to get the compensations they should have gotten when they were younger. Accidents happen. Even if you do not want to get into an accident, there is always a possibility that you are not 100% safe.  Your employer may already offer this once you become employed but there are some employers who do not offer this beforehand and you have to get it yourself.

There are some workers who know that they should get compensation but the companies that they are working for are not able to provide them enough for all of their needs. Hiring the right lawyer can be a good idea because he will be in charge of giving you the compensation that you need.

Applying for Workers Compensation

If you become injured on the job, the very first thing that you have to do is to seek medical attention immediately. Without medical attention, it will be hard for you to focus on how you are going to get the compensation that you need. Here are just a few things that you can do:

  • Make sure that you have submitted all of the requirements that you need ahead of time.

Your employer may require you to submit some documents. When you have submitted all of the documents, you can already proceed to the next step. This is something that you should do ahead of time. There are also some workers who get different compensations from the rest. Get to know if you are part of the exception.

  • Prove that the injury you have acquired is due to your work.

Remember that there are different types of injury that you can get when you are on the job. Some of these injuries will give you the compensation that you deserve but there are some that may not be considered too significant. The very first requirement for your injury to be compensated is to prove that the injury happened on the job.

  • Get the required documents that will prove the current state of your health.

Now is the time for you to gather all of your medical reports and notes especially those that are related to your work related injury. Place all of your files in a secure location and place it in a folder or a clear folder so that all of the documents can be seen and scrutinized immediately. The documents that you will acquire can be very helpful later on.

You have to remember that there are different benefits that are available. You can ask the lawyer that specializes in this so that you will get all the details that you are searching for. The benefits that you can get will depend on the type of injury that you are in. Make sure that you will calculate your benefits so you know how much you are supposed to get. One tip to remember is to not wait before you file your injury. File it at the soonest possible time to make the process faster.

How Water Softeners Can Make the Retirement Life Easier and Healthier

Home improvements can make home life a lot easier and healthier for your senior years.  There are a lot of fantastic technological devices that is making home life incredibly easy.  An automatic thermometer will keep your electric bill down and will make sure you step into a nice and cozy home at all times.  A good alarm system will keep criminals at bay and a garden timer will keep your garden watered even if you forget.  But the one thing that all seniors need in their homes for easier and healthier life is a water softener.

What a water softener does

Water softeners are compact purification units that get installed on your home’s main water supply.  These units filter hard water by removing minerals like limestone, chalk, calcium and magnesium from your water so your water will be softer, healthier and better tasting.  The water softeners come in various sizes, brands and different types of softeners have different maintenance requirements.

How Water Softeners Can Make the Retirement Life Easier and Healthier

The best salt free water softener on the market

The Nuvo H2O water softener is the best water softener brand for seniors because the unit is compact, easy to install and has hardly any maintenance requirements at all.  The units are incredibly easy to use and will give you a lifetimes supply of clean and healthy water since these units are incredibly durable. You can check out some Nuvo H2O Reviews for more information about these fantastic units.

Why get a salt free water softener

Salt free water softeners are affordable to maintain and they are incredibly easy since you don’t even have to remember to keep the salt levels topped up for these units to work.  You only need to replace the cartridge once every six months.

Top benefits of water softeners to seniors

  • Water softeners are much better for your health. Soft water does not contain as much chemicals, minerals or toxins as hard water. When you drink soft water you eliminate a lot of medical issues such as skin conditions, stained teeth, hair loss and more.
  • Hard water causes a lot of stain marks on glassware which can make your home seem dirty. When your water is soft your dishes will come out completely spotless even when you drip dry which is terrific for taking a lot of hard work off your hands.
  • Hard water reacts to soap and will leave a lot of soap scum marks on your tubs, sinks and in your shower. These marks are incredibly stubborn and hard to clean off.  With softer water you no longer have to spend hours on scrubbing since there will be any marks to clean.
  • If your clothes fade or get stained easily then you have hard water. Soft water does not wear down clothing as much which allows you to save a lot of money since your clothes will last a lot longer and look brand new for a long time to come.

Water softeners are some of the easiest upgrades for your home that can make home life a lot healthier and simpler with hardly any effort from your side and should definitely be your next big home improvement.

Enjoy a Pain Free Retirement with Compression Garments

The first signs that you are now a senior are usually the pain you feel in your legs and joints.  Years of hard work and standing or sitting for long periods of time have taken its toll on your body.  These numbing pains in your legs, hips and arms is something that can hardly be explained and is a type of pain that simply doesn’t go away no matter how many painkillers you use.  If you are suffering from agonizing pain in parts of your body then it is time to give compression garments a try.


What is compression clothing?

Compression garments is an elastic type of outfit that is specially developed to promote blood circulation through your body and to alleviate pain.  The garments are used by athletes to improve sports performance, by everyday people who suffer from medical conditions and id greatly popular amongst seniors.  You can have a look at to find out more about the different types of compression clothing and to see how each garment can improve your quality of life.


Compression therapy keeps you younger for longer

One of the biggest reasons to start wearing compression garments is the fact that these outfits keep you younger for longer.  The garments promote blood circulation and prevent a lot of conditions that is associated with aging such as spider veins and the compression therapy is also great for reducing the amount of pain in your joints thanks to the added support that they provide.   When you wear thee outfits you can look and feel younger for much longer.


Added protection against injuries

Compression garments is great for the elderly because they protect you against muscle injuries, bruises and scrapes by forming a protective layer over your skin and adding support to your joints and muscles.  You can move more, work harder and be more flexible when you wear these outfits and they are still as comfortable as just about any other every day outfit.


Promotes faster healing

By promoting blood circulation in certain parts of your body, these areas heal much faster.  A lot of doctors will prescribe compression garments to their patients after a sprain or a surgery because it reduces pain and promotes faster healing.


A great variety of outfits to choose from

You can choose from a great variety of different compression outfits to help you target a certain area of your body.  You can get compression sleeves to relieve pain in your arms, knees or ankles or get compression shorts to keep your hips intact.  Compression pants are great for alleviating pain in your legs and reducing spider veins and compression socks will promote good and steady blood flow to your toes so you can enjoy pain free ankles, feet and calves.  Short and long sleeved shirts are great for alleviating back and shoulder pain.  Some of these garments are available for casual wear while others can be worn as undergarments underneath your comfy clothing.


With compression garments you can enjoy life well into your old age and be more flexible, active and pain free while you enjoy your life.  Compression clothing is a much more affordable and healthier alternative to medications and therapies.

Tips On How Seniors Can Protect Their Brains from Age Related Memory Loss

We have all had memory lapses at different points in our lives. While it isn’t cause for concern for most youngsters, seniors usually tend to take memory lapses seriously. It could mean an underlying health problem that needs to be addressed immediately. But on the other hand, it might just be one of those moments when the brain is processing information slower than usual.

Regardless of whether memory lapse in seniors is caused by an underlying serious problem or not, taking measures to protect the brain from age related memory loss will lead to a fuller happier life. How you go about it relies on how well you understand your brain.

As you age, many physical and physiological processes are occurring within your brain. Some of these include the decline in the development of new neurons, slow decline in number of brain cells and, decline in the supply of blood to the brain. So your goal with regard to protecting against age related memory loss should be to promote development of new neurons and cells within the brain. Here are some of the ways to do this.


Exercise is recommended at any age. As age sets in, seniors find it more difficult to work out and keep fit. This usually leads to muscle wasting and decrease in bone density. Lack of adequate exercise doesn’t help in the case of a decline in supply of blood to the brain since the heart isn’t pumping blood hard enough.

Unlike younger generations, most seniors cannot withstand the intensity of heavy weight training or long distance running. However, the good thing is that, you won’t need intense training to trigger blood flow to the brain and cell growth. All that’s necessary is light aerobic workout at least 3 times a week.


As mentioned, the brain like other muscles requires to be worked out or its cells start deteriorating. Studies show that the new neurons develop in the brain each day. However, whether they mature or die out largely depends on whether your brain is working out or not. Working out your brain is as simple as learning something new. As the brain acquires new information that it needs to store in memory, it makes use of these new neurons.

Some easy was to learn new things to promote development of your brain’s neurons and ability to remember include visiting new places, reading on a new subject, trying out a new game and anything that requires your brain to learn and memorize new information.

A healthy diet

Your brain and whole body’s well being depends largely on what you eat and drink. Your brain requires specific nutrients and minerals to develop normally. Also, some foods and drinks have been discovered to negatively affect the development of the brain.

Some of the nutrients that protect the brain from age related memory loss include vitamins E, C and B-Complex, omega 3 fats and magnesium. Your diet should therefore be rich in fruits, fiber, protein and essential fats. On the other hand, some of the foods and drinks to avoid include alcohol and foods that contain saturated fats.

Future Research Possibilities

Studies have shown that growth hormone deficiency (GHD) can cause memory loss and other physical and psychological conditions. Recent animal based research studies have shown that some peptides such as  have shown the ability to increase growth hormone release in animals. This may give promise to future possibilties to  help slow down age related memory loss and other age related problems. However, additional study is still necessary to determine the extent of the effects that these research peptides will have on the brain. These research peptides have has not been FDA approved yet for human consumption and has only been tested on animals.