Surfing for Seniors

Exercise is important to people of all ages including seniors.  With exercise you keep your metabolism active which has great health impacts on the body. It helps to flush out toxins which are the main causes of diseases. Due to the lifestyle many people live with no strict adherence to diet, exercise is a great way for compensating for that.  A healthy weight is important in keeping diseases at bay reducing the common diseases with seniors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases.

One of the ways of exercising is through surfing. There has been a misconception for a long time that surfing is mainly for the young. Seniors too have the right to have fun and they can engage in any sport they would wish to. If you are a senior and an adrenaline rush junkie, then this would be a right sport for you.  That said it is important to do a market research to make sure that you get the best cheap inflatable paddle board so that you can proceed with your sport well. Some of the best inflatable boards that are at the same time cheap include:

Surfing for Seniors

1 iRocker 10′ paddle board

This is one of the finely made inflatable paddle boards. Not only does it have a great price but it is also of great quality. The brand is well associated with quality and this is not an exception. Cheap doesn’t have to be necessarily low quality. At only $500, you get a high quality paddle board that will give you value for money.

It is well suited for seniors as it can stand at a length of 10 feet, a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 6 inches which is big enough. With the size you are assured of stability and easy adjusting while riding the board.

The board has been made of high quality military grade PVC material and reinforced with an industrial drop stitch construction which makes it very solid hence you don’t have to worry about its quality. It’s the same material that is normally used in Zodiac boats.

Gripping pad: The board comes with a gripping pad for a firmer grip over the board for more comfort especially in cases of long rides or where you have to sit down. This feature is very important for seniors.

Cargo net: The board comes with a cargo net in case you need to transport something from your paddle to a nearby location. The cargo net is located on the platform and contains 4 stainless steel D-rings that are attached with a bungee cord

Navigation system: It comes with a triple fin navigation system which is considered best in the market.

Packaging: It comes as a complete package including whatever is needed for maintenance. The package also includes a carry bag.

Adjustable light weight paddle: This feature is especially important for seniors and will ensure more convenience.

High pressure hand pump: The hand pump is dual action and this is important for any inflatable paddle board.

2 Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer

Tower paddle boards are among the pioneers of inflatable paddle boards. It is a strong brand thanks to the quality of its products.

The adventurer is a perfect size which will be work well for adults and seniors. It has a length of 9 feet 10 inches which will fit any standard person well. The width of the paddle board is 31 inches which will make sure that it is stable. It has a thickness of 6 inches which can handle any weight or pressure. Because of the structure of the adventurer, you don’t have to worry about strong currents as no matter the current you will remain dry.

The company does not make any errors when it comes to quality as it does tests to the boards to make sure that the quality meets the bar. The military PVC core used will make sure that it lasts long without wearing out. The fact that industrial drop stitch construction has been used to put it together as opposed to glue will make it resistance to breaking.

Some of its other features include:

Gripping pad: The adventurer has a gripping pad that covers critical spots on the platform. The grip give you power to control board if need be and will also help you not to fall off.

D-rings: The board comes with two D-rings, one on the nose and another on the tail of the board. The rings help in keeping the board safe when you are not into paddling.

Navigation system: The Adventurer a great navigation system. The system consists of 3 fins, one for improved navigation and two to help you stay in line. The triple fin system is said to be the best for paddle boards.

Package: The adventurer comes with a good package.  The package contains an Adjustable as well as a high pressure hand pump which is great for any inflatable paddle board.

3 ISLE Peak

As compared to the previous boards, this is a leader in the industry. Not only does it have a great price tag but great features too. Some of its features include:

Size: the Isle Peak measures 10’6” in length. The makers of this board did this size so as to accommodate many paddlers.  The width of the board is 31 inches. The platform is wide enough that it can accommodate two paddlers at the same time. It has been made wide to ensure balance and stability. The board has a thickness of 6 inches for more power and no risk of bending at the center.

Quality: The material used in military grade PVC core which is durable and of high quality. The board has been reinforced using industrial drop stitch construction as opposed to glue.

Gripping pad: It has an impressive gripping pad which covers the most part of the rear end of the board which is needed for the paddler’s balance. The pad gives you a firm grip giving you more control power.

Premium cargo net: The net consists of 6 D-rings that are connected via a bungee cord. The cargo net has been added for convenience when it comes to transportation.

Navigation system: Its system consists of a single fin for a steady sail and an enhanced sense of direction.

Colors: The board comes in 4 different colors so that you get what you prefer. The colors are: red, aqua, blue and white.

ISLE Peak Package: This is an important factor to consider in choosing a paddle board as it contains things that will help in convenience. The package contains: a detachable central fin, a high pressure hand pump, a back pack carry bag, and a paddle and coil leash.

4 Ten Toes Weekender

Ten Toes being a big brand, it comes as a surprise that they actually have cheap stand up paddle boards.  This board for sure is a deal. Some of its features include:

Size: It has a length of 10 feet sharp which is a good fit for most paddlers. Its width is of 30 inches which is very stable. Its thickness is 6 inches which makes the board very solid.

Quality: The board has been made with a solid military grade PVC core which lasts long it’s no wonder it has many positive reviews on Amazon. The board has been put together with an industrial drop-stitch construction as opposed to other cheap boards whose base is glue.

Gripping pad: The Weekender has an outstanding gripping pad that covers over half of the surface of the board.

Cargo net: This is created by 4 stainless steel D-rings which are connected via a bungee cord. It provides a convenient hands free transportation.

Navigation: It consists of triple fin navigation, one big central fin for an improved sense of direction and 2 smaller parallel fins for better straight tracking.

Packaging: It comes with: 3 PC adjustable paddle, 3 removable fins, a high pressure hand pump, and a repair kit

5 Zray 10’10” X2 Inflatable SUP

Zray is a company that is well known for consistency to make sure that they produce the best paddleboards in the market. AS much as their paddle boards are cheap, they are of very high quality.

Size: It has a length of 10 feet 10 inches which is comfortable for most paddlers. Its width is of 30 inches which is very neat to maintain a firm balance during your ride. Its thickness is 6 inches when it is fully inflated which prevents the board from bending at the center.

Quality: The board has been made with a solid military grade PVC core same material used on zodiac boats which gives it a strong solid build. The board has been reinforced via an industrial drop-stitch construction which is an upgrade to glue that would be used.

Gripping pad: The Weekender has an outstanding gripping pad that extends to over 50% of the surface of the board. This helps in enhancing balance as it gives you a grip on the board.

Cargo net: The board contains a cargo net that is made out of D-rings connected through a solid bungee cord

Navigation: It consists of single fin navigation. As much as there has been a claim that the triple fin is better than the single fin, there have been no proofs for that.

Packaging: It comes with: a light weight adjustable paddle, a premium high pressure hand pump, a back pack carry bag for transportation and storage, and a central removable fin.

6 PathFinder P73

The pathfinder P73 inflatable SUP board is one of the impressive paddleboards in the market. It has been greatly made not only on the outward appearance but has great features too. They include:

Size: It has a relative short length as compared to others with a length of 9 feet 9 inches which is can still be used by seniors comfortably. Its width is of 30 inches for stability and balance. Its thickness is 5 inches to make sure you are above the water level at all times.

Quality:  The board has been made of multi layered military grade PVC material same material used on zodiac boats. The board has been put together with an industrial drop-stitch construction.

Gripping pad: It has a gripping pad that covers the rear areas of the board for maximum balance. The grip gives you more control on the board.

Cargo net: The net consists of 4 stainless steel D-rings connected via a solid bungee cord

Navigation: It consists of a single fin navigation which is still as effective as the triple fin navigation. Packaging: It comes with: an adjustable aluminum paddle, one detachable central fin, carry bag, a shoulder strap and a basic repair kit

7 Vilano Journey

This is a budget friendly quality paddle board. Some of its features include:

Size: The Vilano Journey is relatively short with a length of 9 feet 9 inches. It has a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 5 inches.

Cargo Net: The Vilano Journey features an interesting set of D rings. It has 5 stainless steel D-rings that are scattered around the gripping pad .The other set is of 4 D-rings located on the nose to serve as a nifty cargo net

Gripping pad: It has a unique gripping pad for comfort balance and stability.

Navigation: Vilano Journey features a single fin navigation system which does a great navigation job.

Packaging: The package comes with: a high pressure hand pump hooked with a pressure gauge, one 3 piece aluminum paddle, a carry bag and a shoulder strap.

8 Aqua Marina Vapor

Aqua Marina has been branded as a Godzilla of the inflatable paddle board universe as it has taken over the market for quite some time now. Its features include:

Size: The Vapor measures 10.8 feet in length. Its size is well suited for seniors. It has a width of 30 inches for more stability in case of a strong current. It has a thickness of 4 inches.

Quality: The Aqua Marina is made of multi layered military grade PVC material. The board has been put together with an industrial drop stitch construction which is the equivalent of a hulk smash.

Gripping Pads: It has a grip pad that extends all over a board’s platform that covers most of the critical areas for paddler’s feet. The grip makes it possible to do a sport on the board.

Cargo Net:  The board features a cargo net that is placed on the chest of the board for easy transportation on the board. The board has extra D-rings by the rear of the board for installation of a backrest or a kayak seat.

Navigation: Its navigation features the triple fin navigation system that is an upgrade from the single fin navigation system.

Packaging: The packaging contains: a one three piece collapsible paddle, carry bag, and a high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge.

9 Vilano Navigator

The Vilano Navigator is one of the many great inflatable paddle boards. Its features include:

Size: The Vilano Navigator features a length of 10 inches a width of 31 inches for more stability and has a thickness of 6 inches to keep you above the water level.

Quality: The Vilano paddle board has been made with a solid military grade PVC core. It has been reinforced using an industrial drop stitch construction which is way better than glue.

Gripping pad: The board features a gripping pad that covers the critical areas at the rear of the board. It also gives you better grip and control.

Cargo net: It features a set of D-rings distributed equally on the platform. The 4 D-rings connected through a bungee cord, serves as a cargo net for transportation. There are also more D-rings which are used for installing a backrest or a kayak seat, shoulder straps or simply to secure the board.

Navigation: The board features a single fin navigation system with a large central fin that will give you all control on the board.

Package: The package contains: a high pressure hand pump + pressure gauge, one 3 piece lightweight aluminum paddle, a removable fin, a carry-bag back pack and a shoulder strap

10 Aqua Marina Breeze

The Breeze is one of the latest creations of aqua marina which has been made with utmost quality. Some of its features include:

Size: It has a length of 9.75 feet which is a great size for seniors. It features a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 4 inches.

Quality:  The board has been made of high quality and it features a multi-layered military grade PVC material to give it a strong build. The board is also reinforced via an industrial drop stitch construction that makes it very durable.

Gripping pad: The board has an extra-large gripping pad, that extends all over the board’s platform for efficiency and comfort.

Cargo Net:  It has 4 D-rings connected via a bungee cord that is placed at the head of the board to act as a cargo net.

Navigation: This entails a triple fin navigation system on the board which makes navigation very easy.

Packaging:  Its package includes: 3 piece adjustable pack, back pack carry bag for easier transportation and storage, a high pressure hand pump + pressure gauge and generic repair kit.


Clearly from the many paddle boards we seen, a good board does not have to be necessarily expensive. Therefore the cost of a paddleboard should not be an excuse for not engaging in the sport. Most boards have been made with comfort and convenience in mind to make sure all seniors are not restrained from the game. Seniors therefore have every reason to awaken their younger selves.

Why You Should Sell Your Big Home and Construct a Small Modern One for Retirement

Do you love your home or does your home have a lot of sentimental value to you?  Well, you are not alone.  One of the hardest parts of growing older is moving on from a beloved home.  Your home is where you and your family created such wonderful memories.  Memories like your children’s first steps, cooking sessions in the kitchen, laughter with friends in the living room and dinners shared with family in the dining room make it incredibly hard to just let go of a home that have grown to be part of your soul.  But these memories can be bad for your mental health when you suddenly find yourself feeling depressed.  A newer, smaller and more modern home is a must for your retirement because you will be able to enjoy plenty of benefits and you will be able to create new and fun memories without looking back.

Why You Should Sell Your Big Home and Construct a Small Modern One for Retirement

Why a small home is a good idea for seniors

When you are considering constructing a new home for retirement then a smaller home is probably the best home to get.  Smaller homes are easier to clean, easier to maintain and they are safer because you know where everything is and thus avoid bumping and bruising.  Smaller homes also seem much cozier and don’t make you feel like you are living in an empty house.  When you are there, your house is a home and that is all you need for a happy retirement.

Why you should go as modern as possible

Growing old is tough and when you are full of pains and aches you don’t want to struggle with old systems, you don’t want to deal with leaky roofs or maintenance issues and you don’t want to struggle with basic daily tasks.  Modern homes are better equipped for easier maneuverability and improved functionality so you can cook, clean, move around and enjoy your home systems much easier.

Consider this company if you want to retire in Perth

RedInk Homes is a terrific construction company that you simply must consider if you are planning on retiring in Perth.  This fantastic company caters for all of your building, planning and constructing needs.  You can scout for the right home plans from their website, get a good idea of the home from the 3D created images and read up about everything that is included in the construction project. And if you are not satisfied with the designs online then you can still add your own personal touch by modifying the plans according to your needs.   RedInk Homes is the best construction company for seniors because they can build your home and include everything you need for comfortable living for you so you won’t have to struggle online to find suitable contractors and so you won’t have to struggle with difficult quotations from different companies as you plan your home and your home finishing.   They offer everything you need from the same company and even include final touches like blinds, paint and more so your home can be completely finished by the time they are done with it.

Great Hobby Ideas for Seniors

Just because you have gotten older, that doesn’t mean you don’t still want to explore and learn new things. In fact, research has shown that the longer we keep our minds actively learning, the better they will function over time. That’s why some of the spryest older ladies are those that do crossword puzzles in their spare time. So, how about learning some great hobby ideas for seniors?

First, if you are really adventurous, we would like to suggest you look into welding. You can learn a little more by visiting: Of course, TIG welders are significantly more challenging than the MIG version. But, if you’ve still got a good deal of dexterity, and are interested in potentially making a little money on the side, this might be a great hobby to pursue. Otherwise, don’t miss our additional suggestions.

Great Hobby Ideas for Seniors

Hobbies You Should Consider

Retirement is something that so many people claim to look forward to and yet, they often find themselves complaining about how boring it is. If you are getting sick and tired of being retired, here are some hobbies you should consider:

  • Planting a garden. You will appreciate the time in the good ole outdoors. And, if you choose to plant flowers, the beauty you enjoy will bring a smile to your face.
  • Refinishing furniture. This is an excellent endeavor if you like to work with your hands and have an appreciation for vintage wood pieces.
  • Trying photography. You never know what your “eye” might catch as you dabble in this field. No doubt your perspective about what should be recalled has changed over the years. Learn more about taking digital photographs.
  • Joining a performance group. Who knows, you may love being on the stage. Or, perhaps you’ll have a knack for improve comedy. You won’t know until you try.
  • Decorating cakes. Those with a flair for the arts should look into this pastime. Cupcakes are particularly successful these days. So, if you can bake and decorate you’ll be a hit for sure.
  • Joining a writer’s guild. Put the pen to the page and pour out your soul. Everybody, at some point in life, thinks he/she should write a book. Here’s your chance. Or, at the very least, try your hand at poetry.
  • Building models. If you want to keep your fine motor skills functioning finely, this is a great option. You can build model cars, ships, helicopters, you name it. They even make some that are motorized or solar powered. And, you often get to paint them too.
  • Getting into genealogy. Who better to discover the whole of the family history than you? Obviously you can visit your local library for information, or take advantage of the endless resources online. would no doubt welcome your patronage (and help you find what you’re looking for). There’s a link for them here.
  • Scrapbooking– As an elder, you are the bearer of the family heirlooms and antiquated photos. Now is the time to start working on memorabilia to leave as a legacy for those you love. And, scrapbooking is an excellent way to create something beautiful and worth passing down for generations to come.

We’ve got some other great suggestions, like learning ham radio, or how to analyze handwriting. But if you’re still looking, here’s a useful resource.

How to Pass Time During Retirement

A lot of people wish that their retirement is going to be a period wherein they are going to have fun and just enjoy the rest of their lives but this may not be true for some people. Some seniors are already too tired in order to do the things they have always wanted to do like travel and see the rest of the world. There are also some who are too sick to barely go out of bed. For some seniors the money that they are getting for retirement is just not enough for them to do the things they want.

It should be remembered that there are still many activities that seniors can take part of. For some, they can explore their artistic side by singing their favorite songs. At times, they can even compose and play their own. They can upload it through soundcloud so people from all over the world can listen to their songs as well. There is a chance to get soundcloud followers as long as someone is determined to share his/her voice to the rest of the world.

How to Pass Time During Retirement

Here are other things that seniors can do to make the most out of their retirement:

  1. Travel locally – When seniors travel to local places, they do not have to spend as much money as compared to international travels. It will also not be too hard on them because domestic flights do not fly as high as international flights. Also local travels do not always require traveling by plane. It can be an adventure that seniors can have along with their children and the rest of their family members.
  2. Take classes – Seniors can think about the things that they have always wanted to do when they were younger. Perhaps they have always wanted to take ballet. Perhaps they have always been interested in painting. This is their chance to fulfill the things that they want.
  3. Conduct classes – Some elderly people have learned a lot during their lifetime to teach their knowledge to younger people and to their co- seniors. They can conduct classes of things that they know they are good at like sewing or doing pottery. The possibilities are endless. It is all about choosing the one that will work best.
  4. Volunteer – There are some seniors who are still very active and they would like to show that they are still an integral part of the community. Some of the tasks that are being offered are not that hard too. Some would be required to read story books for a class or to cook soup for the soup kitchen. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Start a business – This is something that seniors would like to do especially if they have some extra money. They would like to start an investment that they can pass on to their family members. Just one tip to remember: it is best to pick a business that the elderly is interested in to make it more effective.

There are still a lot of activities that seniors can do. They deserve to have the time of their lives.

Crazy Fun Activities for Seniors

They say you are only as old as you feel. And, on some levels that is certainly accurate. However, you will have to face the fact that you are also as old as your muscles and bones tell you that you are. Therefore, finding crazy fun activities for seniors might be a bit of a challenge. Unless, of course, you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and try some new things. Push the limit to see just how old your body thinks it is.

While we don’t necessarily advise skateboarding for senior citizens, if could be interesting to give it a bit of a try, just to see. Therefore, take some time to learn about the best longboards for cruising in 2017. You’ll learn all you need to know about trucks and wheels and laminate decks. And, you might even discover that carving can make your axles get a little out of whack. But, that might be going too far into the sport for you. So, let’s stick to some other crazy fun, but slightly safer, ideas.

Crazy Fun Activities for Seniors

Check Out These Great Opportunities for Seniors to Stay Active

Physical movement and activity will help your body remain agile and in good shape. Surely you have seen images of the senior bodybuilders whose bodies look half their age. If not, go read this. Not that you want to go to that extreme in your physical activity endeavors. But, it does prove that you can do more than you think. Therefore, check out these great opportunities for seniors to stay active:

  • Senior Olympics– We bet you had no idea that there was anything like that available to seniors. But the National Senior Games Association hosts it. And, seniors who are interested, compete on the state level in varying sports. Those who beat out at state, are eligible to compete in the national championship. You can get more information about how to participate, right here.
  • Silver Sneakers- If that piece on a senior bodybuilder caught your interest, you will really like this program. The concept here is offering Medicare-eligible adults the ability to participate in fitness centers. They are all about getting seniors in shape and promoting healthy lifestyles. And, access to a fitness center means that you will also have access to weight lifting and other gym based resources. So, if you wanted to start working on your own bodybuilding, this is the program for you.
  • Silver & Fit Classes- 24 Hour Fitness offers this class for older adults. It’s a total body workout that is appropriate for any skill level. The classes are specifically focused on joint stability, balance, flexibility, coordination, muscular strength, and agility. And, there’s also a bent toward cardiovascular endurance. It’s a lot of fun with other people your own age.
  • Zumba Gold- This Zumba program is available at a number of different fitness centers. It will let seniors get to dancing. The moves are modified and low impact to accommodate for the needs of aging individuals. However, the pace and musical accompaniment will help you grasp hold of that healthy and active lifestyle you have been pursuing. Learn more.

But, if none of these seem crazy fun enough for you, and you’re still thinking about doing some longboarding, be sure to read all the reviews at Top Sports Brands. And, don’t forget to purchase all the necessary safety equipment to protect yourself while you’re speeding down the sidewalk.

Making the best of senior living

Whether your search for retirement living is caused by a medical condition or just the desire to change your life and take things a bit easier you need to be prepared and ready to find the place that is most suitable for you. Even though you can rely on your family to help you with the search for the perfect haven for your retirement you will be the one that will be living there and it is important that you are happy with your surroundings. Click here to read more about staying busy during retirement.

Senior Housing

Senior housing comes at a time where you need to adapt and change your environment. It needs to be a safer and more relaxed environment for you. It is important to be surrounded by loved ones in your elderly years but if you have an independent spirit you don’t have to move into the guestroom in your daughter’s home. There are beautiful retirement villages that offer you security and a social vibe that will keep you entertained and interactive. You can purchase your own home in a retirement village where you will enjoy benefits like additional security and perhaps a doctor or nurse onsite. The best part about this type of living is that you get to purchase new furnishings and everything you need for your home. With Westral you can also install a brand new set of blinds in your new home. You will find a large variety to choose from with different colors and patterns.

At the young age of 65 and up you really don’t want to have to deal with burglaries of any kind and you want to know that when you go to bed at night you are safe. It is also comforting to know that if you get ill you can make use of the medical services at your disposal. The best part about retirement villages is the neighbors that you will meet and the friends that you will make. There are usually outings that are planned for residents which can include daytrips and weekend getaways. This sounds like the ideal arrangement for anyone in retirement. The fact that you are retired does not mean you have to get rid of your independence. You can still live an active and meaningful life while enjoying your freedom and relaxation.

There are also many trips that you can take that cater specifically for retired individuals which will give you access to discounted rates. Imagine locking up your beautifully renovated home and jumping on a cruise ship to sail the seas and see destinations that you have always dreamt about seeing. This is exactly what retirement should be like. Click here to read more about the perks of being retired because there are many more we didn’t mention like discounts at most stores and outlets. The secret recipe is to adapt to these changes and to live life to the fullest. You worked hard for it and you deserve it.

Steps in Aging Healthily

You may think that just because you are getting older, you are already going to expect that you are going to have a lot of health issues. When you get older, there is one thing that you can expect which is change. Change does not necessarily have to be bad though. If you know how to take good care of your body, you can age healthily and gracefully.

It will always help if you have medical insurance Florida. Without proper medical insurance, you may not always have enough funds to have yourself checked. It is okay if you have some retirement money ready but if you do not have any, your medical insurance can help improve your health well.

Steps in Aging Healthily

There are some common changes that you have to expect like how you would look like. When you get older, your skin may start to lose some of its elasticity. It may not be as supple as before but if you would eat healthy food products, hydrate yourself properly and take good care of your skin by using the right products, you can expect that you will look younger than your contemporaries. Other changes you can expect are the following:

  • Your cardiovascular system – You know that you have to keep this healthy at all times but it can be hard if you have spent a lot of years eating fatty food products and junk food. Your heart may become vulnerable as its walls may thicken but with proper lifestyle change, you can still keep it healthy.
  • Your reflexes – When you get older, you can expect that your reflexes will start to slow down. At the same time, there are some things that you cannot recall anymore. This is normal but you just have to keep it all in stride.
  • Your digestion – Your digestive system may have worked well most of the time when you were younger but as you get older, they will contract less often and this may be the reason why as you get older, you do not necessarily have to send out stools every day. With a better diet, you can still keep your bowels regular and healthy.

There are still a lot of other changes that you can expect to happen but the key here is to know how to take good care of your body properly. Here are some of the tips that you have to follow:

  1. If you need some medications for maintenance, make sure that you will take those on time and as directed by your doctor.
  2. Cut out doing vices. If you regularly smoke and drink, you may have to let go of these vices soon.
  3. Get enough sleep. When you get enough sleep, you are helping your body recover from stress that has been felt throughout the day.
  4. Try to get the right amount of exercise that you need. Your exercise routine does not necessarily have to be stressful. In fact, you can keep your exercise light. As long as it will help you get the physical activity that your body needs then it will be fine.

Do you have your own personal tips that allow you to help take good care of your body as you age? Feel free to share these tips too.

Reasons Why Senior Couples Still Undergo Counselling

One of the mistakes that people make is assuming that only those who are young experience relationship problems. A lot of kids nowadays starting from 13 years old and above, feel like they are already in love for good when in fact, they have their whole life to live. Senior couples who are together for a long time may seem to have resolved all of their differences but actually, some issues may show later in life and in order to solve these issues, they need to undergo relationship counselling.

Emotionally focused therapy is one of the options that are available. While this is not only open to senior couples, seniors will have a nice time talking about their problems with someone who is not part of the relationship. It will give senior couples a new perspective, a new view of what they are going through from a professional.
Reasons Why Senior Couples Still Undergo Counselling

There are still other advantages that can be received by senior couples should they decide to undergo counselling such as the following:

  1. Sexual Issues

A lot of people think that senior couples do not enjoy sex anymore but actually, senior couples may remain active up to their 80’s. The problem occurs when one half of the couple is not too intimate anymore while the other one still is. These sexual issues can cause problems with the relationship and should be addressed soon. Through counselling, it will be easier for couples to talk about this problem.

  1. Communication Problems

There are a lot of times when being together for a long time may cause people to stop communicating with each other. This is what happens with some senior couples. They may forget to say that they love their spouses because they are assuming that their spouses are already aware of this when in fact, they are not. They may have the tendency to feel that their partners already know what they are feeling when in fact, their partner does not know anything. Through counselling, they will begin to realize how they should properly and effectively communicate with each other again in order to improve their relationship.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

There are senior couples who have been together for a long time that changing their lifestyle will not be an issue anymore but if the change is sudden, you can expect that seniors will find it a bit hard to adjust. For example, some seniors may not like the fact that they have more time to spend now that they are retired. For some senior couples, they travel in order to see the world but there are also some who just stay at home. This can be enough to make some couples become bored and grow tired with each other.

There are a lot of senior couples who still experience bickering but at times, the bickering turns into arguing and this is when counselling can help. Bickering is okay as this is normal but when people actually argue, this may cause further problems with the relationship.

Interesting things to keep you busy during retirement

The world seems much bigger after you have spent years in the workforce. It is hard to completely be able to take control of how you spend your time. There are however many terrific things you can do to keep you busy during this time. It is important to live within your means and to make that money last as long as you can stretch it for. The first and most important thing to do is set up a reasonable budget. Click here for tips on setting up a retirement budget.

Travelling is such a great way to spend your time. As a retiree you don’t have to worry about time limits anymore. Take extended holidays and spend more time in different countries. You can actually live in certain foreign countries for two months and more. If you aren’t interested in international travel you can buy a motor home and go for a long road trip around your country. It is great to enjoy all the national parks and beautiful locations while enjoying your home on wheels. If your home is your sanctuary you could always invest in remodeling your home and enjoying the space that you have.

Interesting things to keep you busy during retirement

If you are living in the city you should consider moving out of the noise and traffic and finding a home in the countryside. While you are doing this take a look at Tattoo Removal if you are looking for a great option to remove that dolphin or scorpion tattoo you got in a moment of weakness during your youth. It is a great way to start your new retired life without any embarrassing and faint tattoos. You can also start your retirement by starting your own business. If you are just not the type of person that can get used to too many idle days and you feel like you need to be involved in a business venture think up a good plan and start working again. You could also apply for a part-time job if you feel you want to make a few extra bucks or you want to get back to work.

Other great ways to spend your retirement is by reading more or perhaps writing your own novel. Many retirees start a blog for the first time and enjoy the writing experience thoroughly. Click here to take a look at ways to learn a new language if that is something that you have always wanted to do. The world is your oyster and you can do anything you have always dreamed of which can include learning to play an instrument or start a hobby. There is also nothing wrong with staying fit and active during your retirement which will give you the opportunity to start a new sport or join a fitness group. Last but certainly not least you can do as little as possible and enjoy your free time, you earned it.

A Few Job Ideas for the Retired Doctor

There are a lot of doctors who are not particularly looking forward to their retirement mainly because they do not know what to do with their time. Yet, there are also some who are extremely happy about the fact that they can have peace and relaxation. They can go on vacations without worrying if some of their patients would need their immediate help. Still, a lot of retired doctors only enjoy the first part of their retirement. After some time, they start feeling bored. They start to feel like they are not doing what they should.

Perhaps retired doctors are still very particular about the items that they use. Even if they are already retired, they still want to use a stethoscope especially if the person is a family member who may want an opinion about what he/she is currently feeling. A retired doctor will probably recommend the person to a practicing doctor but will not be able to resist doing the consultations first.
A Few Job Ideas for the Retired Doctor

There are still some job ideas that retired doctors can try though while they are still healthy and strong. Some ideas are the following:

  1. Health Care Administrators – A lot of retired doctors are familiar with the things that should be done to ensure that health care will be given correctly and smoothly. As a health care administrator, the person will be in charge of checking the other staff members of the facility and will see if they are all doing their jobs properly. At the same time, they can help in regulating some of the tasks that need to be done in order to give immediate care.
  1. Writers – Retired doctors still have a lot of knowledge about medications and all the things that they have learned not only through medical school but the years of experience they have had practicing what they learned. Doctors can then write about their experiences and the different illnesses that they have encountered. Perhaps they can also give sound advice regarding some diseases that are still not that well known at present time.
  1. Consultant – What retired doctors have those new doctors do not have yet is experience. New doctors will be working by the book and will base their decisions on what they have learned but retired doctors have already seen a lot of patients and have gone through different things already. It is only given that they have more wisdom. Perhaps they can act as consultants that will be asked by new doctors for advice.
  1. Volunteer – One of the reasons why doctors have stayed long working is because they love helping out other people. Becoming a volunteer means that they would be given this chance to still help others in their own way. Being a volunteer can be done locally or internationally. It would be the retired doctor’s choice.

With all of these job ideas in mind, retired doctors can still find things that are worthwhile of their time. If you are the required doctor, which one appeals most to you?