Fishing Tips That Will Improve Senior Safety and Enable You to Enjoy A Pain Free Trip

Fishing is one of the best hobbies for seniors.  But even this fun hobby can become quite a challenge when you have pains and aches that seem to worsen with each and every trip and especially when you simply don’t have the strength that you used to have.  Fishing is not as easy as it looks.  Most people think that the hardest part about fishing is getting the catch but as a senior you will soon realize that the hardest parts about fishing is setting up your gear, moving around the waters, luring in your big catch and keeping yourself safe while you enjoy fishing.   As you get older, your body is a lot more fragile and wounds and injuries take a lot longer to heal.  Simple sprains can be life threatening and the challenges of simple tasks become impossible even though you have been through much worse injuries in your youth.  Here are just a few tips that will help seniors enjoy a much safer and more fun fishing expedition.

Kayak Trolling Motor

Get the right gear

The right fishing gear will enable you to enjoy your fishing trips much more and give you the opportunity to be much more flexible despite physical challenges. The following are just a few must haves that will make fishing a lot more fun and a lot easier.

Inflatable kayak – The inflatable kayaks are perfect for seniors.  They are lightweight which means you can carry them anywhere at ease and they are incredibly easy to maneuver on land, in the water and when you are setting them up.  The modern kayaks are safe for open water trips since they are designed to maintain balance even as you struggle with a big catch and they are designed to stay afloat even with a puncture.

Trolling motor – Paddling is fun when you are young.  When you get older, paddling becomes tough and even dangerous when you are paddling against the stream.  With a kayak trolling motor you can move around on water a lot easier and be a lot safer in case you find yourself in a strong current.

Life jacket – Yes, life jackets can be hot and sweaty but they are a must when you are fishing from a boat or kayak.  You never know what might happen while you are putting yourself out there and your life jacket can mean the difference between life and death when you are venturing far from the shoreline.

Wear sun protection

Sunburn is a hundred times worse when you are older because the chances of getting skin cancer are so much higher.  Wear sun protection when you enjoy fishing. 

Take along food and beverages

Take along plenty of water on your trips because dehydration is no joke and can lead to strokes. You should keep snacks and any medication that you may need close by. 

Remember your phone

You should keep a mobile phone close by so you can call for help if needed.  Being stuck on the water or out in the open can lead to terrible medical issues.