Swimming The Best Exercise for Seniors

With growing age, your muscles also grow weak. To keep yourself physically fit as an elder person you need to indulge in physical activities. Most of us have witnessed that falling down and injuring your self is a frequent problem among all seniors. To prevent injuries and events like these, seniors should regularly work out and keep themselves physically fit.

Studies show that water exercises and swimming are a physical activity that lowers the risk of falling and keeps your heart and muscles fit. Seniors who indulge in swimming as their physical activity are 33 percent less likely to fall down and injure themselves.

Where swimming can be a good past time and a good work out session for the seniors, the bacteria in the pool can be dangerous for them at the same time as their immune system is not very strong either. For this, it is important that you take precautionary measures.

Swimming The Best Exercise for Seniors

Swimming The Best Exercise for Seniors

The first thing that you should invest in is high-quality swimming goggles. Some people consider goggles as equipment for amateur swimmers but that is not true. They are not only to help you see underwater but also protect your eyes from infectious bacteria, chlorine, and chloramine present in the water. Not wearing goggles while swimming will be your worst mistake.

It not only makes it tough to swim and compete but also damages your eye and makes it open to bacteria and viruses. Have you ever seen a professional swimmer swim without using goggles? No, because safety comes first.

While choosing the ideal goggles for yourself make sure you test them and buy the ones that fit perfectly. If the goggles allow water to creep in, they are not the perfect fit. You don’t always have to invest in expensive goggles, buying the perfect fit pair of goggles will do the task. The fitting of swimming goggles is not entirely dependent on its straps but also on the shape and size of the front part.

You can also go for the oval goggles that are gaining immense popularity nowadays. They are lined with silicon that provides the exact suction and keeps the water out. To find the best kind of goggles for you visit churchillfinsreview.com.

Apart from investing in a good pair of goggles, you need to buy a swimming cap. It doesn’t matter if you have long, short or no hair. The swimming cap is necessary for keeping your scalp safe.

It is also recommended that you keep baby oil, coconut oil or good body butter with you and apply it all over the body before going swimming. This oily layer acts as a shield for your body and protects it from bacteria and viruses.

Once you are done with the equipment you are ready to go swimming. Benefits of swimming for old people are as follows.

Heart health:

Swimming comes under the category of cardiovascular exercise. Even though it is not as tedious as running it helps in strengthening your heart. The circulation of the body is improved and the blood pressure is maintained. This way, the risk of heart attack is also reduced.


With age, the cartilage between your joints starts wearing out which is why you witness pain while walking and running. Swimming is an ideal activity in cases like these. It causes no pain and also helps in making your joints healthy and strong. Swimming also increases the bone mineral density in your body. This helps in preventing osteoporosis which is very common among seniors.

Muscle strength:

Almost all your muscles are working when you are in the swimming pool. It gives you an opportunity to do resistance training which develops your muscles so that you can spend an active daily life. In long term, you will see a definite change in your body muscles.

Treadmills for Old Timers

We all need to stay healthy in whatever manner possible regardless of our ages. Consider treadmills for old timers. There are a number of health benefits. So if you have been looking for ways to stay physically fit as you age, getting a treadmill might be an excellent option. If you don’t believe us, just keep reading!

The truth is, 2/3rds of Americans are choosing to exercise at home rather than hit the gym. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them know very little about choosing the right equipment. It’s important to pick the best treadmill for home if you opt to go this route. Treadmills offer you the ability to get a low impact cardio workout. Which, is great for old timers.

Treadmills for Old Timers

Treadmills for Old Timers

Treadmills’ Benefits for Old Timers

As we age, certain aspects of exercise become increasingly difficult. But, if we want to ensure that we live a healthy, happy, long life, exercise is essential. Picking the right method to exercise is perhaps a challenge. But, treadmills’ benefits for old timers are vast. Here’s why a treadmill is an exceptional idea for your health and wellness:

  • A belt system– Many treadmills operate on a belt system which allows runners, and walkers, to run opposite and equal speeds based on the direction of the belt’s movement. And, the pace can always be measured and adjusted as necessary. Here’s the history of treadmills.
  • Versatility- Whether you choose to run or walk, you can at least do it in the comfort of your own home. Since walking is an easy form of exercise that burns all those heinous, and unwelcomed calories, treadmills are the perfect remedy. Besides, you can do it while you watch TV. And, most treadmills have the ability to be moved from one space to another. Others are even foldable so that they don’t take up a lot of space when they have to be stored.
  • Incline- Once you’ve mastered walking or running on a flat surface you can adjust the incline (as well as speed). This will give you a gradually more challenging workout.
  • Heart monitors– Many modern treadmills offer heart monitoring systems. They allow you to place your hands on the bars (both for stabilization and heartrate monitoring) where sensors are located. The sensors can help those with heart conditions guarantee that they don’t go beyond their doctor’s suggested rates.
  • Health assessments– A multitude of doctor’s offices utilize treadmills for the purpose of assessing an individual’s health. Though old timers may need some additional instruction and assistance when initially navigating a treadmill, having one at home will better prepare them for future doctor’s visits. Learn more.
  • Eliminates risks– The low impact nature of a workout on a treadmill eliminates (almost) the risk of injury caused by a more intense exercise regime. Also, since most elderly people choosing to employ the benefits of a treadmill will walk at a slow pace, there’s less chance of a fall. And, even those who suffer from issues with balance can benefit from the stabilization bars located on both sides of the treadmill. Since falls are a significant problem for those getting up in age, a treadmill offers them a safe and effective exercise modality.

If you’re still questioning the value of a treadmill for your health, we suggest you read this article.

How Seniors can Revive Their Love Life

Love is beautiful and everyone loves to be loved regardless of their age. Even though there is a misconception that love is enjoyed more by the young, the old also deserve to be loved and enjoy being loved. According to studies, love makes us healthier and can help us live longer. This is due to the fact that it helps in keeping stress at bay and stimulates the release of oxytocin which is a feel good hormone. What most people don’t understand however is that love needs to be worked on just like anything else. According to love making experts, it is the little things that matter more. Some of the things that seniors can do to revive their love life include:

How Seniors can Revive Their Love Life

How Seniors can Revive Their Love Life

Complement each other

As much as complimenting looks like a very simple thing to do, it has many positive adverse effects on our partners. Everyone loves being appreciated and hence if you appreciate your partner they will feel loved and that will make them to emit love hence revive your love life.

Give attention

Not only do ladies love attention but men too. Showing attention is a simple way of showing that you care and that will make one feel loved. Everyone loves someone who can listen to them and give them attention. Creating time for our partners helps us to have an emotional bondage which brings about love.

Words of affirmation

Even though we may know that we are loved by our partners, we love being reminded that we are loved. There is a deep need in humans to be reaffirmed that we are loved and are important. There is need to feel important and words of affirmation are a great way to make our partners feel important. Even though it may not be the primary love language for some people, it makes a big difference.

Give gifts

Gifts are a great way of showing your partner that you had special thoughts about them. It is a simple but has very effective effects. Most seniors are definitely aware of the interests of their partners because of the experience they have with them hence it should be easy to get a gift.

Do activities together

Doing activities together promotes bonding and brings a couple together. There are many activities that a couple can do together depending on their interests. It can even start with household activities it does not have to be something big.

Physical touch

Most people underestimate the power of physical touch but it is a great way of showing love.  Cuddling, kissing, hugging and other forms of physical touch help one to feel comfortable around the other. According to a study, couples that touch often tend to be closer.

There are many languages of love and though one may prefer a certain love language more than the other, all love languages are equally important. Love just like anything else should be done in a timely manner. It has its right time of showing love.

How Seniors Can Choose A Stand Mixer

Sometimes finding the best kitchen appliances can prove to be a challenge especially for seniors while getting the best appliances makes all the difference. An appliance that is versatile will give you all the convenience you need. One of the common kitchen appliances that create so much convenience in the kitchen is a stand mixer.

The best stand mixer however depends on an individual since it depends on what the mixer will be used for. There is the planetary mixer and the spiral mixer. The planetary mixer is much more strong and versatile while spiral mixer on the other hand is meant for something that does not need so much strength such as mixing bread dough.

How Seniors Can Choose A Stand Mixer

How Seniors Can Choose A Stand Mixer

Before checking out to find the best stand mixer 2018, it is important to know what factors to keep in mind in order to end up with the best mixer.  Some of the factors to keep in mind include:


The size of a mixer is a major factor to keep in mind when looking for a stand mixer. The size will depend on what you plan to use the mixer for, whether it is professional or just at home. When checking on the size you should also consider the storage space that you have in your kitchen for the stand mixer. In some cases there are stand mixers that have a larger stand that may need a big storage. In checking the size you should also check the size of the bowl of the mixer. It should be in such a way that it suits your needs well. When it comes to the size of the mixer, it is good to keep in mind that the mixers that have a large size are normally more expensive.


The power of a mixer will determine the performance of the mixer. This will depend on what you plan to mix and the size of the ingredients. A large amount of ingredients will definitely need a powerful stand mixer. A stand mixer will come with an electric motor that is responsible for the power output. Normally bigger stand mixers are more powerful. Good thing with powerful mixers is that you can mix large portions of ingredients at a time since they have a large reserve of power.

Extra features

There are some mixers that come with extra features such as extra accessories. The more accessories it comes with or it can hold, the more convenient it will be for you. They will save you from having to look for specialized appliances to do the extra jobs.


The cost of a stand mixer is not a primary factor per se but it is very important. Most of the time the cost will be a reflection of the quality of the mixer since you get what you pay for. The powerful and high quality mixers will always come at a higher price tag as compared to their less powerful counterparts.

How Seniors Can Increase Efficiency in Their Lives

There are many ways that one can use to increase efficiency in their lives. Thanks to technology, now everything is much easier. Even though seniors may be old and frail, they can still be able to juggle their activities with ease and without inconvenience. They don’t have to necessarily retire or refrain themselves from running a company because of their age as there are softwares that can help them run their companies with ease. Some of the ways in which seniors can increase efficiency include:

How Seniors Can Increase Efficiency in Their Lives

How Seniors Can Increase Efficiency in Their Lives

Getting the right software

There are softwares basically for everything and they work to make our work easier. Software is especially important if they are involved in a business or a company but still wants to achieve efficiency.  For example if they are in the events or party rental industry they can use software called Bookings for more efficiency which you can get here. With technology and the internet, there is basically software for all you can imagine and they all serve the same purpose which is increasing efficiency.

Getting the right app

Apps are a great way of increasing efficiency. All you need is a smartphone and you are set to go. There are apps for different things it depends on your line of interests. Good thing with an app is that you can get increased efficiency with the comfort of your phone. You don’t have to look for a computer or go somewhere to access the app.

Have the right priorities

Everything in life is all about priorities. The priorities we make are what define our decisions and that defines our lives. Having the right priorities is very important as far as efficiency is concerned as it will help us avoid wasting time and make the right decisions. Seniors therefore should be able to evaluate their options and have the right priorities if they want efficiency in their lives.

Having a good routine

Just like young people, it is important for seniors to be disciplined and have a good routine if they want their lives to be in order. This involves keeping a diary so that they can be more organized. Having a good schedule so that they can be able to maintain good priorities and remember all they are entailed to do. Most seniors are prone to Alzheimer’s which makes them loose memory but if they have a good routine they will manage to keep that at bay.

Maintaining an exercise routine

Exercise is important not only for the body but for the mind too. A good exercise routine will make sure that the mind is active and able to function efficiently. It is also responsible for making the body to be efficiency and perform its functions well. Exercise has been much underrated but according to studies, seniors who exercise are able to live longer as compared to those that don’t. Exercise should therefore be considered as a priority and not just a luxury.

Why Seniors Should Spend More Time Outdoors

Outdoor activities should be encouraged especially when you are taking care of a senior. It is true that most seniors like to stay indoors and do not have the will or the energy to go out and enjoy themselves. This is why outdoor activities for seniors are often challenging to conduct. However, you should know once you have planned the perfect activity and have convinced the seniors to take part in it; they will have a grand time. The initial planning stage should be given the most significance.

Why Seniors Should Spend More Time Outdoors

Why Seniors Should Spend More Time Outdoors

Here are some outstanding benefits/reasons for seniors to indulge more in the outdoor activities:


Various activities like a Cozumel el Cielo reef snorkel trip can make the seniors enjoy. An interesting action allows folks to explore nature for every age group. The basic tour includes all the necessary gear you need for snorkeling. The guides are very experienced and know very well how to take care of the seniors. They are good communicators who generally speak two languages to make the communication easy.

The seniors can get nostalgia of their youth and remember the good times they spent at sea. Moreover, it gives them a chance to fish most safely. The hotels are very classy and comfortable so that everyone can have a good time. Likewise, such trips provide the seniors with a change of scenery, which is essential to keep them fresh.


Outdoor activities make the seniors fresh. Staying all day indoors is not only boring but also makes life dull. Just like young folks, seniors love to have more energy. It has been proven that folks who take care of seniors, often take them outdoors even if it just for a brisk walk in the morning to keep them fresh and active. Ensure you get the seniors appropriately dressed according to the weather conditions before you take them out. You do not want them getting sick. Moreover, you don’t need to take a chance as there are various simple activities to keep the seniors fresh. Even sitting in the park is counted as an outdoor activity.


Countless of you might not realize this, but for seniors, outdoor activities are a way of being independent for a little while. They can experience things the way they like without folks having to dictate to them what to do. You, as a caretaker, would have to manage some things for them but overall you can let them be themselves. Those few days when they interact with natural habitats can give them a sense of the independence they had in their youth. This can be very good for their mind and can be a healing factor for the soul. Therefore, whenever you do plan an outdoor activity for the seniors keep the margin for exploration.

Change in lifestyle

Taking seniors to outdoor activities will automatically bring a change in their lifestyle. You find out that in the long term, they will be calmer and enjoy every little thing. Such a change is not only beneficial for the whole household; it is also good for every individual. A positive attitude changes the mood of the place immediately, and that can only be achieved if more outdoor activities are planned.

You should always include at least two outdoor activities in a month. Depending on the health of the seniors and their preferences, you can change these activities from time to time to add more variety. Be sure to search for nearby places, which offer comfortable outdoor platforms for seniors.

Cats – An Ideal Pet for Seniors

The cat is the best pet for old folks as they are independent as compared to other pets. They don’t require you to take them for walks or lay with them by moving around. You don’t have to be very mobile while taking up the responsibility of a cat.

The cats take care of their litter; you don’t have to take them out for peeing and popping after every meal. If you want to play with your pet cat, you can do so by sitting at a place and using an interactive toy. You can have the affection of a pet even though it doesn’t make you run after it all the day. With age, cats tend to get lazy and usually spend half of their day sleeping around which can be good for senior people.

Cats - An Ideal Pet for Seniors

Cats – An Ideal Pet for Seniors

Some of the things to keep in mind before adopting a car are:

Litter training:

The ability to get litter trained is in the cat’s personality; they learn that quickly. This does not mean you don’t have to litter-train them at all. You have to show them how to use the litter box.

The very first thing to litter-train your new pet is to get a litter box that attracts your cat and is easy to get in and out of it. If your cat is unfamiliar with litter training at all, make sure you get some litter boxes and keep them around in the house for quick access whenever you feel your cat needs to use the litter box.

At first done use covered litter boxes as they might give an impression of a cage to your cat and intimidate them.

The second step is to show them how to use it. For kittens, you have to work a little harder as compared to older cats. If you have a small kitten that is about three to four weeks old, you might have to stimulate the cat’s genitals to pee and poop if the mother cat is not around. Doing this regularly for three to four days will teach the kitten to use the litter box. Once the kitten learns where its litter box is placed, take your kittens paws and do a digging action with them in the sand after every pee or poop. This teaches them how to cover their pee or poop once they are done. Moreover, you can find out more information about litter box training for your kitten at catboxhq.com

For adopted adult cats, all you have to do is show them where the litter box is placed. In the start, it is recommended to put the box in a convenient place for them; later on, you can move it where it is convenient for you.

What should you go for, a kitten or an adult cat?

It is recommended elder citizens get an adult cat rather than a kitten as like children kittens need full attention at all times and are always full of energy. They keep their owner on toes at all times.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that cats tend to live for about 20 years if you adopt a cat ensure you have a proper plan for their life as well.

Why are cats good for elder citizens?

Seniors usually tend to start feeling lonely and sometimes depressed. Cats have the ability to lighten up the mood. Their purr is considered to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, which can be good for elderly people.

Even though cats don’t require much attention and work, they do require feeding and sometimes cleaning, and that is enough exercise for the older people. This way their overall health also gets better.

Things to Consider While Mapping Out A Room for Elderly People

Folks with old age need extra care and attention as they start getting weaker physically as well as mentally with every passing day. For that reason, they should be surrounded by the senior-friendly environment. When you have parents moved in with you, you need to create such environment for them. As lots of their time is spent in their room, design it ergonomically to make it a safe haven. Right furnishing and accessories can make life easier for them and you. Make sure you do not make it look like a hospital room.

Things to Consider While Mapping Out A Room for Elderly People

Things to Consider While Mapping Out A Room for Elderly People

You should consider the following guidelines while designing a bedroom:


Safety is above all, and the location should be in that way. The doors should be 30-32 inches wide to make an easy way for a wheelchair or walker. This would also be helpful for emergency exits. Get the doorknobs of lever-style that makes easy access to weak hands. Make sure the bathroom has safety grip bars near the toilet for your parents’ safety.

Weak eyes are also a problem that comes with age. So, add bright enough lights in hallway and bathroom to help them see at night. It would be appropriate if their room in not up to a flight of stairs. Get it either on the ground floor or install a chairlift so that they can prevent falling off.

Practical Furnishings:

Picking the furnishing is also vital. A knee-level luxurious mattress would be great because it’s comfortable and accessible. Do not hamper your aging parents’ room with the stuff they do not even need. A lot of things would obstruct their walking path. So keep them minimal. Only add the essentials such as a bedside table, a comfortable reading chair, a bookrack and, a table lamp. You can keep a bench at the foot of the bed. This is not necessary, but it can help them when dressing. And, the placement of things should be balanced.

Communication and lighting:

Make a telephone available with the list of important numbers in extra-large fonts. This would help them connect with the world especially if they are physically challenged and cannot make it on their own. Moreover, a baby monitor installed in the room would help you stay alert about your old parents’ activities. Attach an automatic timer to the bedside lights that turn them on at night automatically.


Dull walls are not going to do any good to your parents. You can make them look colorful and full of life with wall art. There are various forms of wall art, and these can add to the beauty of the room. That would be great if you let them choose one for their room.

The artwork is not just for the room walls; some individuals have their bathroom walls full of artwork. It makes the whole interior of the house suave and elegant. That welcoming and cheerful look is refreshing not only for the people who live in there but also for the folks who come to visit.

You have to consider numerous factors once you decide to make the purchase. You might not have knowledge of arts or an art critic to tell you what paint you should go for. It is better to get a bit of insight from various social media websites such as Pinterest or Etsy.  If you have chosen any paintings, look for the size if they are appropriate. Measure the dimension to get the right piece.

10 Fun Senior Friendly Activities to Enjoy In Playa Del Carmen

Are you in need of a good long break?  Then a trip to Playa Del Carmen is one of the best holiday destinations to choose.  Playa Del Carmen is a Mexican city along the Caribbean Sea and it is a very popular tourist attraction.  This holiday destination has a rich history and offer vacationers plenty of wonderful things to do.  The fresh sea air, beautiful scenery and rich displays of animal life will instantly whisk away any worries you may have and long beach walks and lazy afternoons is just what you need to reset your mind and body. It is the perfect holiday spot for seniors because they can enjoy any of these 10 fun activities.

10 Fun Senior Friendly Activities to Enjoy In Playa Del Carmen

10 Fun Senior Friendly Activities to Enjoy In Playa Del Carmen

Fly fishing

Riviera Maya fly fishing is one of the best activities to include during your vacation to Playa Del Carmen.  This stretch of Caribbean coastline is absolutely breathtaking and it is a perfect spot for fly fishing.  The Playa Fly Fishing charter is a must for your fly fishing activities because the experienced team of fly fishing guides will supply you with all the needed fishing gear, fly fishing bait and much more.  They will take you to all the best fly fishing hotspots and give you the best guidance so you can go home with a fantastic catch.

Private archaeological tour the Tulum Mayan ruins

A guided tour to the Tulum Mayan ruins is an absolute must for your journey.  Go and check out the infamous ruins if these ancient cities and pyramids and learn something completely new about this ancient civilization.

Give diving a try

If you are still young spirited and quite fit then you can always try diving.  The cenotes are beautiful and rich in all types of formations and species.

Luxury yacht trip

There is nothing more relaxing, nor romantic than sipping a glass of crisp wine while the sun is setting at your back.  A yacht trip is a definite yes for any senior looking for a bit of relaxing time.

Snorkeling tour

Snorkeling tours at reef sites around Playa del Carmen is also a must for any trip to this exciting city and it is a fantastic way to cool off during hot summer days.

Food tour

If you want to get a true sense of a locations culture then you have to taste local foods. Include a fun food tour and get a taste of what Mexican styled sea foods are truly like.

Jungle tour

Go on a 4×4 ride and check out the Cancun jungle.  There are plenty of animals to gawk at and the drive is incredibly refreshing.

Underground river tour

The stalactites and stalagmites in the Rio Secreto underground river are breathtaking and a must for an unforgettable holiday.

Visit the art gallery

Riviera Art Gallery and Galeria de Arte 5ta avenue are both art galleries where you can have a peek at some amazing works of art during your trip.

Visit Xcaret Eco theme park

This theme park is great fun, incredibly educational and a must for an adventurous journey.  You can enjoy a great variety of activities here and have a blast.

With these amazing hobbies and activities, there will never be a dull moment on your vacation.  Senior scan has a blast, learn and meet new people long the journey.

A Few Tips for Older Campers

There are a lot of seniors now who would like to spend money on things that can entertain them. These things may be in the form of gadgets or they may be in the form of vacations. Some older campers cannot travel far anymore so what they do instead is to search for nearby areas that they can immediately go to.

There are a lot of seniors who find entertainment in the form of camping. There are some campers who go for glamorous camping while there are also some seniors who would like to experience camping the same way that they did when they were younger.

A Few Tips for Older Campers

A Few Tips for Older Campers

Older people are recommended to have all of the right tools and items that will make camping easier for them. The best tent for survival is very important especially when seniors plan to stay on the campsite for an extended period of time. The best tent may differ from one person to another. For example, there are some who would like to have a big tent while others would rather focus on the materials of the tent. Once people have chosen the right tents, they can focus on other factors needed in camping.

These are a few tips for senior campers that they should not forget:

  • Instead of sleeping bags, senior campers can benefit more from using air mattresses. This will make it easier for seniors to go to sleep at night even when they are in the middle of the forest. The sleeping bag can be placed on top of the air mattresses too.
  • It is best to purchase a new tent even if you still have an old one from years ago. New tents are easier to set up and are made with quality materials that are lightweight and durable.
  • The bigger the tent that will be chosen, the better. Seniors need air mattresses in order to feel comfortable and most air mattresses will not fit inside small tents. Even if some tents are being advertised to be good for two, do not believe it. Sleeping bags will not fit so even air mattresses will not fit.
  • You need to know the requirements of the camp before you start camping there. There are some camps that are too high up and it will be hard to go to camp easily. You can find camping grounds that will still fit your current capabilities.
  • Plan how you are going to camp ahead of time. It is best that you do it ahead of time so that you can find the best camping grounds that will fit your budget and will also provide all of the things that you need.
  • You need to know if you can find a campsite that still has water and electricity because this can make camping easier for you to accomplish. Even if you are still strong, you need to still be in a convenient area that will be safe for you.

With all of these tips in mind, camping can still be a fun and entertaining experience.